Monday, 10 June 2013

A BuNo update and some kitty pics.

is 34% complete

17266 / 50000 words written

That's where I'm at with BuNoWriMo. I'm basically plodding along this year, though I got a bit extra done tonight. Not much extra, but a bit. I do love my idea, but this time around I actually look forward to this whole thing being over. See, I am actually supposed to be sorting through a house full of 'stuff' right now, to prepare for moving. But truthfully, even if I weren't doing BuNo, I wouldn't be getting much done. See, my cat injured himself recently and had to have a rather serious shoulder operation. And he's always been a rather needy, sooky cat. Now that he's cooped up inside the house and no longer free to roam the neighbourhood as he wishes, he's even more needy than usual, and is quite frankly driving me nuts! Luckily for him, he's totally cute:

Photo © Amanda Shannon.
Somebody called this a "postcard shot".

Photo © Amanda Shannon.
You can see his shoulder injury -
and gigantic paw he got to
keep due to the surgery - here.

So yeah, when I'm home I basically have to sit with the cat at all times, or else he gets up to mischief that could risk his shoulder - and result in the amputation we've managed thus far to avoid! He's a terrible patient, and he's really wearing on my patience. But like I said, he's cute - so he gets away with it. ;) Meanwhile, my house is a bit chaotic and I'm sleeping on a foam mattress instead of in my real bed, to keep my cat company. No, really, this is what I've resorted to in order to ensure I do actually get sleep. Otherwise he's in his room and I'm in mine and he's meowing all night and I'm not sleeping.

Anyway, that's an update for now. I'm enjoying my little BuNo story as it unfolds, and also looking forward to hitting 50k so I can let it lie for a little while. At least until I've moved house. Part of me is scared to lose momentum, but I know I can always go back later and finish it - I've done so before, I can do it again!


  1. Oh he is such a cute cat. We do find ourselves doing the strangest things that only cat lovers could understand. Good luck with BuNoWriMo and hope your cat gets better. :)

  2. He's adorable.

    Hope all goes well for him.
    Best of luck with BuNoWriMo

  3. I'm not really a cat lover... but he looks charming!
    Good luck with BuNoWriMo!
    Break a pencil... or something along those lines... :)

    Writer In Transit

  4. Oh, poor kitty. He'll need lots of extra attention. (My cat told me to say that)

  5. Hi Trisha .. I'm sorry about the shoulder injury - as you say his leg looks a little strange set out like that ..

    I hope he gets better soon, and you can return to a degree of normality .. writing and sleeping in your own bed ..

    Good luck with both - cheers Hilary

  6. Aw, he's a cute cat. I hope he's feeling better soon.

    Good luck with the writing and the sorting. :)

  7. Aww, I hope your kitty is completely recovered soon. He's a beautiful guy!

    Good luck with the rest of BuNo. :)

  8. amazing what kitties can get away with when they're cute. hope he gets better soon! Good luck with BuNo!

  9. Aw, poor kitty. I sure hop kitty feels better soon. You have so much going on right now. Wishing you lots of luck with kitty recovery, moving and your story.

  10. He is cute - looks a bit like one of ours, actually.

    I'll admit, I had to Google "sooky." Good word.

    Trisha, I'm sorry the Coffeehouse didn't work out for you last month. I hope you might consider joining us this time. Here's the link:

  11. Best of luck with Buno and sorry about your cat.


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