Tuesday, 4 June 2013

DISQUS is annoying!

I participated in two blogfests back on 31/5, and encountered two different blogs that required you to post via Disqus comments. Well, I have to say these are becoming my new pet hate in the blogisphere. For one thing, when I'm at home I can't even get these comments to load, so can't leave a comment! Then, on a PC at work where I can get them to load, only one of them let me post as a guest. With the other one I tried signing in with Google+ and Twitter, but they still required me to have a Disqus account. To me, this is just too much hard work, so sadly one blog missed out on a comment from me...and I really wanted to leave a comment there, too! I even have it still cut, ready to paste.

That's really all I wanted to say for today - but I may as well give an update on my BuNoWriMo writing while I'm here:

is 13% complete

6746 / 50000 words written

And yeah, I am now calling it SMALL TOWN (formerly ELLA), but that is still a non-permanent title. I'm enjoying the story though I am having that familiar "this is crap...isn't it? maybe it's not" feeling as I write. But that's perfectly normal. ;)


  1. Hey, I TOTALLY think what I'm writing is crap. Because it's the first draft and probably is. Perfectly normal indeed.

    I'm annoyed with Disqus too. I actually have an account, but totally forgot my password because I never use it and so it was a huge pain to deal with. Ugh.

  2. Hi Trisha .. couldn't agree more with you re Disqus .. and occasionally I have the same problem with G+ ..

    Keep going with your storyline .. enjoy the June writing .. cheers Hilary

  3. Wow, congrats on your BuNo progress, that's awesome! And I couldn't agree more about Disqus, I honestly thought it was just me so I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

  4. Oh I am so glad you mentioned this and I am totally with you about the Disqus commenting windows. I almost did a screencap during A-Z to add to one of my pet peeves of blogging posts. Anyway, good luck on BuNoWriMo! Looks like you're going strong! (:

  5. Good luck with BuNoWriMo Trisha!

  6. Yeah I've encountered a lot of Disqus comment blogs. Not very helpful, especially during blogfests.

  7. That suspicion that it's crap holds me back from making much headway on any manuscript ever. Surely Shakespeare had the same insecurities from time to time, right?

  8. With you on Disqus and keep on. Sounds like your in full writing mode! Cheers!

  9. Yeah, blogs that require special membership are a pain... definitely want to avoid having one, as we can't be the only people annoyed. Well done on your BuNo progress!!!

  10. LOL, yeah, what's this Disqus jazz about? Who thought that up? And why do folks feel the need for it, what's the great advantage to it???
    Some Dark Romantic

  11. I discovered the Disqus comment system about two days ago and was also really annoyed by it! Had to sign up just to leave a comment, AND when I went back later, the comments that I KNEW were there refused to load!
    And good job with your 13% :-)

  12. I like Disqus until I clean out my history and cookies and have to log back in.

    Happy writing. Keep going. I know about that "crap" feeling.

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  14. I'm glad to hear someone voice a Disqus complaint. I figure the blog owners probably don't realize it is restrictive for anyone not using it :/ Hopefully it will either fix the quirks or go away all together in the near future :)

    Good luck with writing =)

  15. I think I've encountered the disqus before...and if it's what I think it is, it never likes my website or something and doesn't let me post.


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