Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 goals so far

I've got a huge playing card collection...this is one of my packs!
(I collect them while travelling, you see)

This year, I've got my usual Goals page, but I also did up this chart (inspired by Ruthie at Live, Love, Laugh, Write! and her spreadsheet) that helps me keep track of my weekly goals. They're not all writing goals, but here's a rundown on them anyway:

  • WIP chapter review - I'm working on FIRE, and I've edited two chapters which have merged into one. I've cut out a few words, but I'm already thinking of the next round of revisions where I may chop off many thousands of words from the start (as happened with SUNDOWN revisions). FIRE sure as heck needs some slash 'n burn. This round though, I'm taking it easy, to refamiliarise myself with the story.
  • Chrysalis story review - I've revised two so far. One of them I'm shelving, but I'll keep working on the other in the hopes of someday submitting it somewhere. The latter started out at about 3.7k, and is now over 5k.
  • Read Catrina story - Catrina is a character of Michael's creation (Michael was a participant in Chrysalis last year). He wrote many instalments of the Catrina (formerly Caitlin) saga, and somewhere along the way, I fell behind and stopped reading them. So far this year I've read two!
  • Yoga classes - I skipped the first one solely due to not having any cash at all and being totally broke. Too much sharing? *Blush* But I went to yoga this week and got stretched to within an inch of my life. haha. Pigeon Pose was quite an eye-opener...
  • Beach walks - I do these on the weekends. They're 4km walks followed by a glorious swim in the beautiful ocean. Got to love my home town for its beaches!
  • Write song - So far I've written one, but haven't got to this week's yet. However, I have the entire weekend to work on it so I'm not worried. My goal this time is to write a rockin' song instead of yet another melancholy one (I've written a lot of melancholy stuff in the last few years).
  • WIP 1000 words - Generally I've written about 1.5k per week. I'm working on DANNA, one of last year's NaNo novels). I'm mostly happy with my progress so far, but I also know that part of the story is weak, so I'll have to look at improving that later.
  • Sort 100 photos - I'm well on top of this, having sorted way more than 100 photos. But the hard part of this really hasn't begun yet, scared to say!
  • Monthly goals (Travel post, Book review) - I have not done either of these yet. Better get cracking!
In other news, I got some awards - THANKS people! - and will address those at some point soon. But also, check out my Blogfests, Etc. page for some cool upcoming activities!

How's 2012 going for you guys so far?


  1. Sounds like you're making good progress with your 2012 goals. :)

    Congratulations on the awards!

    It's going well so far. Though I could *ahem* stand for more progress with the draft I'm working on . . .

  2. Wow. Those are some great goals, and it seems you are well on your way! Congrats on both the awards and your progress on your writing progress!

    Best to you and yours for the rest of the year!

  3. Whoa! Your goals make my goals look really wimpy (and a lot less, I need to take up yoga). You've inspired me to challenge myself a little more :)

  4. Cool goals :) Wanna come by my place and put all my photos in that digital album I got for Christmas about 3 years ago?


  5. Goal setting is the first step to achieving them :) All the best.

  6. You have a great list of goals! My daughter collects playing cards. I have fun adding to her collection. :)

  7. That chart is a nifty idea!
    ...although, I'm clearly going to need to write more Catrina stories to fill up all the weeks. :P

  8. I'm in shock that we're far enough in 2012 to have any kind of a recap ;-P

  9.'re goals are putting mine to shame. Especially since my goal for 2012 was to start out with some...and I haven't really gotten to that yet. :)
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  10. Aside from the editing I've done this week, I haven't accomplished much. I think I may participate in this, though:

  11. Social drop ins and kids camps seem to have got in the way of working on my wip.... But that's life. Ive swum a couple of laps in the pool ... Love that :)
    Hope you have a great week end

  12. Congrats on what you did accomplish this week! Work and pure exhaustion from work has really decreased my output in writing and then in exercising, too. However, I am not beating myself up. I'm just going to try harder next week to get all weekly goals done. I have kept the goal of playing with my kids every day, and must say it's been the best goal of all to meet!

  13. Yuck... I hate pigeon pose - though it feels great afterwards!

  14. Things are starting off very slowly for me in 2012. Actually I'm still stuck in 2011. For that matter, in a lot of ways I'm still stuck in the 1970s.

    Maybe I need to get organized like you.

    Have you heard about the A to Z Video Challenge?
    Blogging from A to Z

  15. Hi Trisha. So many goals, so little time. I wish you well with yours. The photo thingy got me thinking. I've not organised my pre-digital pics for many a long year.


  16. So you've done something for every one of those points except the last one? That's pretty awesome!

  17. I can't even remember what my goals were. That can't be good.

  18. Wow - awesome goals progress! And thank you for the linky love - unfortunately my blog has been very neglected this week...

  19. You've been busy! I'd love to live close to a beach! Would walk my dogs there every day!

  20. @Deborah...maybe you needed a break from goals? Maybe your new goal can be to achieve some seriously relaxing downtime? hehe

    Thanks everyone for the comments!


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