Thursday, 14 July 2011

Upcoming blogfests...I know of 2

They both look like heaps of fun to me! If you haven't signed up and are interested, do it now!!

So I thought I'd do an update on how my goals are going. I started out the year with a list of goals I would achieve this year. Since 2011 began, some of the goals have been altered/added to. Others have been crossed out already, once I've achieved them. I love being able to cross things off my list! It's a very satisfying feeling. Anyway, let's recap (in blue is stuff I've finished, and red is what I'm still working on):

  1. I finished an edit of SUNDOWN and ordered my proof copy (it has been sitting on my shelf for a while now)
  2. I finished another edit of SUNDOWN
  3. I started another round, which would leave me with draft #...I think it's draft #5?? Honestly, I've kind of lost track. But this is the revision I'm still working on (and I have two chapters to go, people!! That's all)
  4. Next, I'm printing out SUNDOWN to do a paper edit. I was going to wait on ElitistCritiques crits, but I've decided I'm too impatient for that! So paper edit, coming right up.
  5. Once I'm done with the paper edit, I'm going to look for some beta readers!
  6. I won NaNoEdMo 2011 - after chopping & changing my plans for what I'd edit so many times, I wound up working on SUNDOWN
  7. Write 52 short stories in 2011 for the Chrysalis Experiment - this is something I cannot possibly win until the end of the year...but so far so good, with 27 stories written in 27 weeks...and the 28th brewing somewhere in my subconscious where I can't see even a glimmer of it yet. hehe
  8. Write once a week in this blog - again, I cannot achieve this till the end of the year! But as of today I'm well on track!
  9. Win NaNoWriMo 2011 - yep, another goal I can't achieve till November comes and goes. This year I have some especially lofty goals for NaNo, as mentioned in this blog post a while back...
  10. I completed the first draft of STORM, and while the novel is an ugly best-ignored mess right now, that doesn't matter to me! What matters is I finished a draft, at least.
  11. Complete a preliminary read-through/edit of NAUSICAA - um, yeah, no. Not done yet. But I've got plenty of time!
  12. Read more than 21 (amended to at least 25!) books in 2011 - yes, I achieved this! I'm currently reading my 26th book of the year.
  13. Participate in (and win) BuNoWriMo 2011 - achieved! I wrote over 50k, even if I didn't stick to just one story, and didn't complete any new novels. I did complete a novella!
  14. Participate in A'vron Ayende's Classics Book Club - so far we have done 4 months of this, and I've participated in each one. I have a feeling it may be on hold for a while...but we'll see where it goes! Can't really call this an achievement till the year is over.

So, there you go. Latest goals update! To date I'm pretty happy with how the year has gone, but it can only get better from here!

How are you going with your goals this year? Anything you're proud of? Things you want to improve on for the second half of the year?


  1. Holy wowzers! Do you ever,, ya know, sleep or anything like that?

  2. Wow- you sound like you are accomplishing a great deal. I have quite a few blogfests up on my blogfest page for my blog if you want to check them out.

  3. You put 2001 on #12, love.

    Next year, I'm going to make my goals more specific.

  4. Oops, thanks for the note Brooke. I can always count on you to find my typos/grammatical mess-ups. :)

    @Bryce - it looks like I do more than I actually do. Trust me, I sleep. I love my sleep... hehe

    @Summer - thank you, I checked out your list and joined a few!

  5. Well done! Your only in July and making good headway. Keep it up!

  6. That's a lot of writing. My goal is to finish and edit my next non-fiction book, and I'm halfway there.

  7. Call me impressed! You've been a busy girl. Maybe I should write down my goals in list form like this. I might get more accomplished.

  8. Um, wow! You are impressive and inspiring! I have not come close to achieving my goals for the year. Good for you!

  9. Well done! I'm actually somewhat terrified of going through my goals. ;-)

  10. WOW! You've had and amazing productive year so far! Good for you!!!

  11. The Chrysalis Experiment sounds HARD. Props to you for even attempting it!

  12. You ma'am are an overachiever. It makes my eyes swim to see how much you do.

  13. I honestly don't think I've done that much...I mean, I've spent a lot of the year slacking off. But it IS fun to list it all out...makes one feel more accomplished!

  14. You're doing great! My goals are coming along, but slowly. I'm always think I'll be able to bend time and get more done than I think.

  15. I'm just starting up some new goals. One of them is to write 700 words during my son's first nap of the day, and 700 more when he finally goes to bed...which tonight I am still waiting for.

    If you're looking for more blogfests, I'm hosting one on authors and books that have influenced/inspired you. It runs Aug 22-26.

  16. Oh my goodness! You've been busy! Very impressive achievements! Well done, and thanks for the heads up of the blogfests! They do look fun!

  17. @Lydia - at least they're coming along, right? That's what I tend to focus on.

    @Christine - good goals! I recommend writing them down, so you can look back later. I'll check out your blogfest; thanks for the heads up!

    @J.C. - Thank you, and you're welcome. I love a good blogfest!

  18. "an ugly best-ignored mess" heh heh--love that!

  19. Wow, I'm so impressed with all you have accomplished! And to think the year is only a little more than half over. Congrats!!

    Thanks for the info on the blogfests as well, they look like fun. :)

  20. @Julie - thanks - I look forward to the next half of the year too!

    @Christina - yeah, it sure fits... :P


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