Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Retro Summer Blogfest

Sure, it's not summer here, but I can still participate in this Blogfest. Mostly because I say so!

Amy from The Ramblings of Amy is hosting the Retro Summer Blogfest today, and sucker for music blogfests that I am, I just had to sign up!! The idea is to find an old mixed audio CD that you haven't listened to in a while, and post the following:

  1. Artist name and song title
  2. What the song means to you and why you like it.

I was thinking of a particular mix CD but I haven't been able to locate it, so I opted to use a list of songs I had on a mix tape (one of MANY) from back in the day (as in, the high school day). So without further ado...

  1. SMASHING PUMPKINS - "Zero"; it's a classic tune from SP, though not one of my all-time favourites.
  2. VERUCA SALT - "Seether"; always reminds me of the power chicks have to ROCK IT on guitar
  3. SMASHING PUMPKINS - "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"; this is the first song I listened to after we got our new and (at the time) fancy stereo...and I remember going, "WOAH, this song has some serious BASS in it!"
  4. VERUCA SALT - "Cock of Nothing"; noticing a pattern here? SP...VS...SP...VS. Yeah. Anyway, this is a fabulous rockin' b-side from this band
  5. SOUNDGARDEN - "The Day I Tried To Live"; a song from the great album Superunknown, and at my time it was one of my favourites
  6. SILVERCHAIR - "Suicidal Dream"; kings of emo before emo was emo...or something? Got to love the 'Chair for taking me back to my youth
  7. SMASHING PUMPKINS - "To Forgive"; this is another that really isn't a favourite anymore. Maybe I listened it to death back then?? Still, a great song.
  8. SOUNDGARDEN - "Karaoke"; amazing b-side from these awesome dudes
  9. SILVERCHAIR - "The Closing"; I always loved the way this album ended...with this song.
  10. VERUCA SALT - "All Mine"; yet another brilliant b-side from the queens of alt rock
  11. JEBEDIAH - "Denver"; b-side from this Perth band, and a fast-paced energizing rockin' tune
  12. VERUCA SALT - "The Morning Sad"; another case of me looking back and going...huh? Why'd I choose this one? Not that I don't like it, it's just there are heaps of other songs on this album I would now choose instead.

  1. EVERCLEAR - "Santa Monica"; classic tune, always puts me in mind of L.A.
  2. POWDERFINGER - "Living Type"; still my favourite song from these dudes...except maybe the utterly brilliant "Capoicity"
  3. SMASHING PUMPKINS - "Today"; a timeless classic, yet one I would not put on a mix tape today. Unless it was a tape for my boyfriend titled "You SERIOUSLY haven't heard this song before?!"
  4. VERUCA SALT - "With David Bowie"; once again, no longer a fave, and this album has much more rockin' tunes. I still like the sentiment behind it though - being a teenaged girl in school crushing on a rock star. Been there, DONE THAT. (still doing it actually. hehehe)
  5. TRIPPING DAISY - "Cause Tomb Shop"; b-side (yep, I love me some awesome b-sides) from a little-known band I always associate with people who are off their faces (due to their interesting video clips, especially the one for "I Got A Girl"...)
  6. SILVERCHAIR - "Pop Song For Us Rejects"; picture this... two high school friends, awoken unhappily from their only-just-begun slumber by the alarm clock, which was in fact a clock radio blasting Triple J and this song. First time I heard it, while Freakshow was Triple J's feature album of the week. 1997, my friends. 1997.
  7. FOO FIGHTERS - "Floaty"; I skipped this song once, when my cousin and his sexy friends were over, and one of the sexiest guys got up and turned it back on and said, "You can't skip that song! It's a brilliant song!" I think I was about 15
  8. FOO FIGHTERS - "Everlong"; still one of my favourite songs by the Foos, and a stunning tune when stripped back
  9. EVERCLEAR - "Summerland"; another thing I now wonder why I chose, when there were others that could easily have filled its spot.
  10. HOLE - "Miss World"; a Hole classic, but where the heck was "Violet"?!?! is what I'm now asking myself.
  11. SMASHING PUMPKINS - "Frail and Bedazzled"; b-side, a tune from Pisces Iscariot, and a rockin' invigorating sound!
  12. EVERCLEAR - "You Make Me Feel Like A Whore"; classic tune and one that still gets me up and feeling like dancing. Still, not sure it'd fit on a mix tape of mine nowadays.
  13. FAITH NO MORE - "Your Last Cup of Sorrow" (sic); yeah, that's how I wrote it. Aww, high school me was so cute! I saw FNM recently in concert, very awesome experience. And this is a great song, but nowhere near their best.
  14. GREEN DAY - "Emenius Sleepus"; this was a b-side on one of the singles of theirs I bought. It took me many years before I even bought a full album by Green Day. But I do appreciate them for who and what they are. hehe

Okay...I'm done, and it's way past bedtime so I'm signing off!


  1. Great song selections! I have so many mixes with Foo Fighters and Sound Garden on them too! Gotta love those wonderful 90's songs!

    Thank you for participating! :)

  2. Oh man, you just brought me right back to late high school/early college. Awesome mix!

  3. I love these song selections. It makes me that much more embarrassed by my own. =)

  4. It's great that you did both sides of the tape! You have a great collection here - this would make a good writer playlist!

  5. Seether is definitely one of my picks for inner soundtrack on "don't mess with me" days. Love that intro.

  6. Soundgarden and Foo Fighters - very cool!

  7. Very nice mixed tape. Send me a copy. :D Just teasing. Now I'm humming, Seether and picturing Chris Cornell.

  8. So... um... haven't heard one of those songs. Please. Don't hurt me. -hides-

    I've got an award for you:

  9. Oh my God - Last Cup of Sorrow! That was a great Faith No More album.

  10. @Amy - I totally agree, that was and still is my favourite musical era! Thanks for hosting!

    @Meredith - yep, this music takes me back there too. hehe

    @M.J. - don't worry, I love daggy music too!

    @Jennie - figured I had to tell the whole story. And yeah, a lot of this music still inspires me today!

    @Julie - it's a great "don't mess with me!" tune indeed.

    @Alex - yep, two of my all-time faves!

    @M Pax - ooh, I love to picture Chris least as he was back then.

    @Brooke - LOL. I won't hurt you. And thanks, I'll check it out!

    @L. Diane - I don't have the album. I (ashamed) don't have any FNM album, even now. I have 2 singles... I really need to step up my game. hehe

  11. Hey, I keep running into you during these blog fests! It was great to hang out at your blog again! I enjoyed reading your profile and getting to know you. I laughed when you said that you dislike the word "blog" - I can't stand it either. In fact, I seriously wanted to start a petition to change the name!

  12. You've got some amazing songs there! AND some I haven't heard. I'm off to check them out!

  13. @Brenda - so glad I'm not the only one who hates the word. Hehe. I was being diplomatic when I said "really don't like it" or whatever it was I said. And yes, we must have stuff in common if we keep signing up for the same blogfests!

    @Ali - hope you like 'em! This is kind of my staple sort of music, even today.

  14. You sure put a lot of Veruca Salt on there (not that I can blame you.) I love, love, LOVE Foo Fighters. I don't even think I could put my finger on why. It might go back to that video they did where the drummer was in bed dressed like an old lady then he popped up and the bed turned into his drum set. That was AWESOME!

  15. Yes, there was a heck of a lot of VS in there. My listening was more narrow back then. Nowadays I mix it up a LOT more!

    Foo Fighters are great, I was a fan even before they brought out their first album though. hehe


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