Tuesday, 26 July 2011

So, I'm 31 now

Yesterday was my birthday, and now I'm 31. Technically I turned 31 at 1:30 am on the 26th, since that was the Western Australian equivalent of 6:30pm on the 25th of July in north-eastern England. I was born sometime between 6:00 and 6:30, can't remember quite when! Mum would be able to tell me if I could be bothered asking her right now!

Anyway, everytime a birthday comes around I get to thinking about what I've achieved in life so far, and what I have yet to achieve. Mostly I dwell on the good stuff I've done, and then I think about the fun stuff yet to come. Same thing this year. I'm pretty proud of what I've achieved in my time, even if there are some things I lament: I don't have a house, I don't have a nest egg of any kind, I don't have many savings. Still, I guess I've spent my money on great things - travel, a car, and lots of books.

This year started out full of inspiration, and it's still that way. I've achieved many of my year's goals so far, but still have some big ones to work on. I met an amazing man this year and am having the most brilliant (if at times challenging; oh yeah, he likes to challenge me like no other ever has) time with him. Basically, the future is bright, and I can't wait to experience it.

Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy birthday yesterday!

  2. Happy birthday Trish and many happy days ahead! I think birthdays are the best days to reevaluate and reflect... better than, oh say, New Years and other popular days. Has more meaning. 31 is a good age! I hope you enjoy it and I am happy 30 was good for you. Continue to enjoy life!!! I'll have a toast to wish you all the best! *clink, clink* Cheers!~db

  3. Big happy Birthday and it does sound live you've had a great year.

  4. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!
    I hope there was cake!

  5. When commenting on people's birthdays, I don't like to say Happy Birthday because that's exactly what everyone else is saying. But if I don't, they may not think I care for them as a person sooo...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [I made that 31 characters including spaces. :)]

  6. Well, happy birthday. 31 was a pretty good year for me. Although I didn't realize at the time.

  7. @Dan - thank you!

    @Danette - cheers, we're going out to dinner tonight so I will have my own drink then. And will toast all of you guys! hehe

    @K. - yep, it's been full of energy & activity!

    @Lynda - thank you. I had a cup cake this morning thanks to a lovely colleague. hehe

    @Brooke - you are so clever!! Thank you!

    @Rusty - that's often the way, eh? My favourite year so far was 25, but the back-half of 30 turned out to be pretty excellent.

  8. A very happy birthday! You're handling 31 a lot better than I did back in May!

  9. I'm nearly 40. I haven't achieved anything other than a middle class lifestyle and paying taxes. I wish you more success than I've had but I can say this...it isn't through lack of trying. Life is really hard (and has been especially for me). I think it would have been easier if I'd come from a different background but one cannot choose your parents. At least I wasn't born retarded. I work with clients who suffer from this and I must say...it's nice having a mind.

  10. Happy (belated) birthday to you!

  11. So that makes you what? A monkey? (in Chinese Astrology, I mean... monkeys are clever, so that's good.) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Even if I am late on the matter.

    You still have lots of time. Nine whole years before limbs start falling off and stuff...

  12. Happy Birthday, Trisha! I've got 10 years on you, so I can safely say that you've got plenty of time to do whatever else it is you want to do. I'm still working on some of my list, too, but I've also already done some amazing things.

    Here's to a wonderful year! Enjoy!

  13. Happy birthday! We're the same age!

  14. @Gina - thanks. I hope you feel better about it now!

    @Lady Lex & Lori - thanks ladies!

    @Michael - you are keeping at it and I commend you! Yes, I agree, life can be really hard.

    @Meredith, Golden Eagle - thank you1

    @Hart - yep, I'm a Monkey! and yeah, 9 years is PLENTY of time to get what I want to get done, then I can relax as the limbs start to fall. hehe

    @VB - it's great to be able to look back and admire our own accomplishments! I think it's so important.

    @Deniz - oooh, another 1980 baby?? I like to find more of those...hehe

  15. Uh oh, not exactly - November 1979 :-)

  16. Oh, well close enough. hehe. Hey, "1979" is a great Pumpkins song ;)

  17. Hahaha. I saw your post in my feed, and at first I thought the title said "So, I'm 13 now.." I had to re-read it before realizing it was actually 31. 31 is a good age. I like it! :) Hooraah for a bright future for you!!! Happy Birthday! :D <3


  18. happy birthday! *beats the drums and blows the trumpets* :)

  19. Happy Belated Birthday!! So glad you're having such an awesome year so far, I hope it only gets better. Hope the birthday was a great one! :)

  20. Happy belated birthday! May the rest of your life be blessed and may your best dreams come true.



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