Saturday, 30 July 2011

My FIRE proof (no pun intended) arrived

It arrived!! And before anyone gets the wrong idea (again) (like last time), I'm not being published. This was a free proof copy that I got as a result of participating in ABNA this year. I highly recommend that everyone participate in ABNA every year, so you can get your free proof copy too! I don't know that they do this every year, of course, but it's worth the shot! It's also worth participating in NaNoWriMo, as they usually give you a free proof copy too. For more information, you can check out this post I did a while back answering people's questions.

FYI, this was the last proof copy I got. You may notice that I stuck with the same cover design template. Both pieces of art are mine, but the template was a free one available from CreateSpace. I was pretty excited when I realised you could change the colour scheme. I figure I'll get all of the SUNDOWN novels proofed up, and all with the same template...just in different colours. And then they shall all sit on my shelf and they shall all look pretty together!

In other news...I've been kind of slack with the blogging, and that is probably because I've been kind of very slack with everything else writing-related. I'm supposed to be posting my Chrysalis story this week over at the Chrysalis blog, but I haven't quite finished it yet. I only started it last night. One excuse is that the prompt went up late. The main excuse though is no excuse at all - just a slacker's pathetic reason for why she didn't get her act together sooner. However, I have to say I'm quite enjoying my life right now, so I guess I'm okay with slacking just a little.

Still, there are two major goals I have yet to meet this year: Preparing SUNDOWN for beta readers (including actually sending it out to them), and completing a preliminary read-through/edit of NAUSICAA. I know I've got 5 months to get those two things done in, and that's plenty of time. But I do feel the days ticking away, slowly but surely. ;)

I just finished reading L.K. Madigan's FLASH BURNOUT, and absolutely adored it. You can read my review at GoodReads.

And in other news, I have a rooster in my back yard. I'm not sure if I mentioned him before, but my cat likes to chase him. Even at risk to himself (roosters have sharp beaks!).


  1. I love the look of your proof copy! :) Great cover.

    I really liked Flash Burnout.

  2. That is one pretty proof copy! I bet it feels great to hold.

    I must say, I have missed you in the blogging world. Get back on it! I know you will hit your goals :)

    And I like to chase roosters too. Shh...

  3. Oooh, I love it! Ummm, what's ABNA?

  4. So does having a proof copy make it harder to edit? I mean do you feel like it's set in stone and now you don't want to change it? Just wondering...

    btw: if you have a hard time with interviews, maybe you should try having someone coach you. You don't want your nervousness or whatever it is keep potential bosses from finding out how great you would be for the position!!!

  5. @Who am I? - nope, not at all. My first proof copy has since had 40k cut out of it ;) If anything, having the proof is, for me at least, more motivating!

    @Gwen - ABNA is the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and it's a contest that happens annually, I think.

    @Jenni - aww thanks. I've missed you too! I'll get my discipline back, I promise! hehe

    @Golden Eagle - Thank you! And yeah, I thought it was a brilliant piece of writing.

  6. Okay that was funny. I changed my blog info around and didn't pay attention to the fact that now my log in for comments would read that way. I've fixed it now so that I am not "Who am I? live in..." Although it does sound very mysterious and nebulous doesn't it?

  7. Danette, that is funny. Glad it's sorted though, even if you have to sacrifice the mystery. hehe

  8. Thanks Jolene! I like to fondle it... Oh, did I say that aloud? hehe

  9. So exciting Trisha! I've got five scenes left to fix and then I could use a proof copy too.
    That's funny about the rooster - any photos?

  10. Hi Trisha,

    You designed that awesome cover? It's beautiful! So exciting to hold a copy of your own in your hands even if it's a proof copy.

  11. The proof looks fantastic
    (and it's good to slack off occasionally)

  12. @Deniz - that's great that you're so close!! My proof copies are always pretty early drafts though, it seems. Funny to think that when I ordered my SUNDOWN proof, I thought I was pretty much done. Pffft... I've since cut 40k off that one.

    @Nas - the image of the face is mine, yeah - just kind of stuck it in the template. And changed the colour scheme. Otherwise, I must credit CreateSpace!

    @Lynda - thank you! And yeah, occasionally...but not necessarily for months at a time. hehe

  13. How exciting! To actually hold your book in your hands. What next? Great cover.

  14. Nice looking proof!

    I've never done NaNo (the writing thing, not the alien) but I might have to do it this year. You get a proof for participating?

  15. @Susan - it's great! And what's next is editing...and more editing. A lot more editing. hehe

    @Bryce - You get a proof if you 'win', i.e. get past 50k in the month.

  16. I've never heard about this free proof thing. I need to check this out. Thanks for the info.

    Tossing It Out

  17. Wow, just looking at some of your proof copies makes me wanna hurry up and finsih my novels so I can get try and get one!! :D So nice looking! :)

  18. Ah, proof copies. They are shiny, shiny things. :P


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