Monday, 4 July 2011

ABNA proof...goals update

"Thank you for ordering a proof of Fire, Title #3645196. Your order has shipped.

My ABNA code has been used, and I am excited! Yes, FIRE needs serious editing, but I figure by reading the book in paperback form I can make notes as I go on what needs editing. Hehe. It's going to be a pretty large book, but then so was my proof copy of SUNDOWN (I've since shaved off about 40k from that one...hehe).

Can't wait to see it!!

In other news, I still haven't finished reading my 25th book of the year, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I blame a weekend in which I got no reading done. But for only good reasons. ;) As for other goals, I've decided that in getting back to my revisions of SUNDOWN I may print out the whole manuscript...despite not being done with my previous goal of getting through the revision I abandoned at the end of May before doing a print-out. I just think I need to read stuff on paper instead of on the computer.

In Chrysalis news, we've reached the halfway mark!! I've written 26 short stories in 26 weeks. I reported on my stats here, but suffice it to say that because of Chrysalis, I've written 69,007 words this year. Not counting all the other stuff I wrote during BuNo, etc.

Ooh, I forgot, I get to cross BuNoWriMo off my goals list! Yay!

It's been difficult to keep up on blog reading lately, but I've done my best to get bits and pieces of reading/commenting in. I really appreciate all the visits I get at this blog though, and I do try my best to reciprocate!

Hope you're all going well!


  1. 26 short stories in 26 weeks is very impressive.

  2. You amaze me with how much you get done!


  3. @Debbie, that's funny 'cause I feel like I don't get much done at all. Hehe.

    @Dan, I was kind of misleading there...because some of the short stories turned out to be longer stories ;)

  4. You are busy!

    I used to need paper to edit, it still helps, but not as much. I used to NEED it, now I don't.
    BUT my first reader for everything DOES need it to be printed, so I've seen them all on paper at least once.

  5. You are a constant inspiration lady. You are.

  6. Congrats for the short stories!! 26?? that too in 26 weeks?? My goodness!!

    this is awesome!!! Enjoy your day and wishing you luck for your other goals!!!!

    Another Author

  7. @Jolene - busy, yet feel like a slacker. Weird, eh? ;)

    @Akoss - thank you! I am in turn inspired by all my writer friends found through blogging, yourself included :)

    @AMP - thanks! Yeah, I did write that many, though they are sometimes of questionable quality. hehe

  8. Love the painting, like always! I've always wanted a proof copy, but I haven't found anything to use it on. Maybe I'll use it for all my Chrysalis stories. I need to catch up on those, I plan on tackling that this week. Good luck reading and editing! :D

  9. Have fun reading Phantom of the Opera I read it in French for a Book Club a few years ago!

  10. Charity Bradford ordered her proof copy too, and seeing her book in the print motivated me to order mine. But I got a little scared at the ISBN spot. If an ISBN is applied to the book, even if its not published, does that mean it cannot be assigned another if an actual publishing company picks it up?

    I saved what I had up to that point and buzzed on out of it. I really want to see my first novel in print, but am skittish about submitting even that much until I'm sure it will never be picked up by an agent or publisher. Eeeek! Did you have these jitters yourself Trisha?

    So nice to cross goals off your list :) And congrats on reaching the halfway point for Chrysalis. That is exciting to produce so many short stories.


  11. @Madeline - thank you :) I was tempted with Chrysalis too, but I figure it's better to wait till the year is up for that ;)

    @Tanya - wow, in French eh?? I learned French in school, but hated my teacher so didn't get too far...hehe

    @Donna - it really is cool to be crossing off the goals :) Re: the proof copy, check out this thread where all sorts of NaNo participants had similar concerns (I had my own too). They were laid to rest:

  12. wow, I'm impressed by how much you've done.

  13. Wow, well done with your writing achievements!

  14. Thanks Lynda & Michelle :)

  15. ok wow on the 26 stories...That is amazing....Congrats on what you have done...

  16. Wow. Congrats on finishing BuNoWriMo! That must have been quite a challenge. I like to edit on paper too. There's something more 'real' about the changes, don't you think?

  17. 26 stories in 26 weeks?! I am not worthy. I also feel very lazy in comparison. I've also not heard of BuNoWriMo. Where've I been??

  18. Girlfriend, you are an inspiration to all writers. Congrads on finishing BuNoWriMo. I love editing on paper. I just see everything much clearer. Happy fourth!

  19. @Savannah - thanks. But remember, I never said they were all GOOD stories. hehe

    @Jessica - it was a bit of a challenge...esp. because my first story ended at about 22k... lol. Had to scramble about to find other stuff to write. Yeah, I think with paper I just see stuff to fix a lot more easily. it's weird...I can miss something really obvious over a few rounds of computer editing, and then it just jumps out on paper.

    @Liz - it's like I said, a lot of the stories were forced/rushed/not that good. :P But I've been happy with a fair few of them, I will say. Thank you though :) As for BuNo, I found out about it on Hart Johnson's blog...and I have a link to the Facebook group in my links (top right hand corner).

    @Robyn - thank you :) But it was more of a stagger over the finish line I have to say. :P

  20. Wow, Trisha. Good work with words, and visiting blogs too! Thanks for stopping by mine.

  21. Wow! You're on a roll!

    I'm doing good, thanks, although my time wasn't nearly as eventful.


  22. I'm confused. Well that's often the case (hee hee). How come you've got a paper-back of your pre-edited novel, Trisha? That sounds like a good wheeze. Have you somehow pre-published it?

  23. Holy bananas you sound busy!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  24. @Bish - no worries, I like to see what you are all up to! hehe

    @Misha - glad to hear you're doing well! Hope you're having fun! :D

    @Deborah - I think I might answer that question (and others) in a new blog post...since a few people have been asking :)

    @Angela - busy, but not stressed about it! hehe. Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Ah, proof copies. I remember when I got my first one after NaNoWriMo '09; it was so very...shiny. :P

  26. I think it would be awesome to edit from print. Cool. I just finished my 25th book but I have a goal of only 40. I need to update my writing goals. I'm so impressed with your 69,000 words. Wow!

  27. @Michael - yeah, mine's shiny too. I love it!! Can't wait to see this one though :D

    @Clarissa - I haven't tried it yet...but should be an interesting experience. hehe. Well, my writing goal was only 25...and I'm not planning to up it as I like the fact that I finished one more of my goals. hehe. Don't want to ruin that :P


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