Wednesday, 22 December 2010

World o' hurt...epic slash 'n burn

Oka'...? Just kidding, thought I should add another apostrophe in there.

1. It is way way WAY past my bedtime. But after getting some harsh critiquing, I could. not. sleep.

I had to get up and edit my story. Damn it. Gonna be bloody tired tomorrow. But in one little sitting (like, in half an hour, dudes) I slashed about 6k off my wordcount.

E.P.I.C. edit!

So thanks to that pretty harsh critiquing, and a period of time tossing & turning in bed trying to convince myself I wasn't pathetic and a terrible writer, I got back on my laptop and checked the forum again. Only to see that I had a nice (and yet helpful) comment following up that first one. My writing is beautiful, I was told. Phew. Then the rest.

Anyway, I used the first comment (harsh) for my wake-up call, and a revelation I have no idea why I didn't have sooner (and to remove 2 chapters that aren't, I don't think, necessary to the story). And the second (gentler, but still honest) comment to slash another (estimation) 1k from the story (merging 2 chapters into one).

So...I'm totally going to bed now. Ow. Eyeballs. Tired.


  1. Harsh critiques are sometimes the best ones because they make you fret and fuss and want to be better. But they hurt so much...

    Get sleep! Sleep is good. ;)

  2. Well, hey, congrats on winning this battle

  3. Ha. Not sure I won it. Well, I won over my spot depression I guess. LOL. But yeah, this feels like only the beginning. Got a long road ahead. :P

    @Gryphon - they do hurt, and sometimes it's hard to forget it's not personal. Because sometimes people actually seem to make it a personal insult. haha. But if you can emerge stronger in spite of that initial desire to crumble and give up, then it may be worth the pain!

    Thanks for stopping by guys!

  4. Writing and revisions are such a process, it's like we're taking the story on a winding journey. Best wishes with your edits ...

    And Merry Christmas, too, with best writing wishes for 2011!

  5. Thanks Joanne. It is a winding journey, but one that's almost more satisfying than the initial blurting out of the rough draft. :D


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