Thursday, 16 December 2010

Reverb10 days 8-14

December 8: Beautifully different

I'm beautifully different in a few ways. Peer pressure has always sort of slid off me like water, the duck, you know? I've never had one puff on a cigarette, never taken drugs, etc. I like alcohol, but if I'm not interested in another drink, you can't make me have one. Everyone seems to think this is some inherent strength of will I have, but in fact it's just me doing what I want to do. I've never even been tempted to do drugs or smoke. It's not a struggle for me to stay away from those things, because I don't want to do them!

What do I do that lights people up? I guess I think I'm pretty funny. Mostly sarcasm, though. I know some people don't like sarcasm. But I love it, and I do it. Plus, I love my own company, so it never surprises me that other people do as well. Does that make me arrogant? I don't think I'm arrogant. I just appreciate the good things about myself. Not everyone loves me, this I know from experience. :) But I'm okay with that, most of the time. Sometimes it hurts to realise somebody actually dislikes you. But since I don't think about it most of the time, I don't hurt over it most of the time. OK, I think that's Dec 8 done. LOL.

December 9: Party Prompt

I would say that this year my favourite party night was my 30th birthday night, when all sorts of friends and some family got together, different groups at different parts of the night, and we had some drinks and listened to some great music and danced our little butts off. I wound up sleeping alone from about 6:30 am outside on my mum's backyard deck, and it was cold. But even that couldn't ruin my birthday. Even some really idiotic behaviour by at least a couple of guests couldn't ruin my night. It was a fun night, and the worst part of my hangover was lack of sleep.

December 10: Wisdom
The wisest decision I made this year? I honestly don't know. I didn't make any major decisions this year. Maybe I could cop out and say the wisest thing I did this year was start this blog. LOL. Seems to be panning out quite nicely.

December 11: 11 Things I don't need in 2011 & how to prevent them

1. Heartache/loss - not sure I can prevent this, but I can hope it doesn't come my way
2. Weight gain - will try to give myself treats when I need them but not as often; will continue to not drink during the week unless at someone else's house :P
3. Crime (i.e. house getting broken into, car getting stolen) - be careful to lock my windows and doors :)
4. Being fired - work hard, be proactive, make new projects for myself
5. Excessive procrastination (with my 2011 goals, just won't have the time!!) - stay motivated and inspired! I guess by switching to different projects if I get bored with one; keep up with critiquing group & other writing groups
6. Car troubles (doubt this will happen, what with my shiny NEW car!) - service car when needed
7. Yet another reason to have to travel to Canada (not that I hate going, it's just my bank account hates me) - this is out of my hands, sup to my brother
8. Maxing out my credit card again - be more careful with money! I know I can do this easily
9. Computer troubles - not much I can do to prevent this
10. Another year of being single - eh...not much I want to do to prevent this. That probably doesn't make sense
11. Getting evicted - don't think this will happen, landlady likes me, but will just have to continue taking care of the place; do more gardening! or weeding, rather

December 12: Body Integration This Year

When did I feel most integrated with my body? Um...probably when I was asleep each night. LOL. Or maybe when we were driving across the States and I was listening repeatedly to Lacuna Coil's "Wave of Anguish", or on the way back into L.A. when I was listening to my Purplene playlist.

December 13: Action

My next step for making ideas happen is to keep looking back at my 2011 Goals list and squealing over how excited I am, and to try and ensure I don't ever stop feeling excited. I can't wait to not only write new stuff but to (and probably especially this) hone the writing I do have already. Honing is my new best friend!

December 14: Appreciate

What have I come to appreciate most in the past year? My alone time each night when I get home from work, my alone time on the weekends, but the good times I've had with friends as well. And my family, of course. Still, I truly adore my alone time. I'd go insane without it. There's a reason I live alone, people. ;)

And now, before I go, the current SUNDOWN wordcount: 127,742. It's really creeping down at a snail's pace, but at least it's not creeping back up! I did however glimpse the prologue last night, and impulsively begin to edit, and even to wonder if I can rip out most of the first section. So yeah, I get the feeling my third revision could be the most productive yet.

Over 'n out! And thanks to everyone who's stopped by lately. :)


  1. Yay! Go Trisha! You eat that wordcount. Well, don't really, because as you said, you don't want the weight gain. ;)

    You and I are very similar with that whole drugs and smoking whatsit.

  2. I like how honest and personal this post is.
    Also, I dig sarcasm. You and I should be twins.

  3. @nindogs - LOL, if I had to eat my novel I would REALLY gain weight. So yeah, good idea to only do it metaphorically. hehe. And glad to know I'm not the only one out there who isn't into that stuff!

    @Bee - YAY, sarcasm buddy!! hehe. OK. Let's be twins! lol


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