Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Latest Sundown stats

Okay, so last time I put up stats, they were as follows:

First Revision
Word count: 147,000
Page count: 243
Chapter count: 59

Second Revision
Word count: 127,620
Page count: 225 (seems to be size 10 font...)
Chapter count: 51

Aaaand, now my latest (2.2nd draft) stats:

2.2nd Revision
Word count: 118,457
Page count: 212 (size 12 font)
Chapter count: 48

In short, I'm only about 2k off being back down to my first draft word count, but with a vastly improved manuscript (if I do say so myself :P). I also have to thank the people at AW who critiqued my prologue and prompted me to chop about 7k from my novel in one thirty-minute sitting.

So yeah, pretty happy with my progress so far!! My current (new) aim is to get below 100k. My critiquing buddy and I were joking about at least getting to 99,999 words, just so I'm in the double digit thousands. But I tell you, it's no joke!


  1. Oh man, I had this problem with SPITFIRE. Although I started at 118K and got down to 95K. You are clearly a superhero reviser!

    Happy writing! And good luck getting that word count down--you can do it! :)

  2. LOL and yet I'm also very good at starting out with a completely bloated story! Thanks though :P

    Well done with your Spitfire effort!! I don't know about you but editing is something I've really come to enjoy lately, even when it's frustrating.


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