Friday, 3 December 2010

From 13 to...30

When I was in my first year of high school (age 12-13), I wrote a "short story" that ended up being referred to wryly by my teacher as "the novel". It only works out at around about 5,000 words, but it was a lot longer than anything the other students wrote. So much so that the teacher let me hand it in late (apparently two weeks late) just so I could complete it. I got an A, but check out this excerpt from chapter 2...actually, this is chapter 2, in its entirety!

That stupid girl, he thought, angrily. I've got enough trouble as it is, and she's made me even more confused. That other girl wasn't meant to come so early. I hate it when this happens. They always mess it up! It was like this with Annelease. But I really did have to do it. She knew everything. EVERYTHING!!! Well, no one can find her! She's hidden well. But as for this new girl, well she…she will pay dearly. Just you wait! Just you wait and see.

No wonder I got a great mark, eh?

Honestly, when I look back at this story, I have mixed emotions: pride, embarrassment, and the definite urge to howl with laughter. I also feel...relief. At least I know I've improved somewhat since those days. Relief, indeed.

Still, my writing today is not perfect, and I have lots of lessons to learn still. My critiquing group is awesome for that. But I still feel proud of what I can do, what I do do, and I guess that's the feeling I'm going to try and hang on to.

© Trisha W.F.


  1. Haha, gotta love looking back at old writing. Makes you feel so much better when you see how much better you've gotten.

    How does your online critiquing group work? Is it good? I've thought of looking for an online group since my writing group doesn't actually do critiquing, not anything that's much help anyhow

  2. I love looking back at my old writing, even first drafts that I've changed heaps. Always reassures me I'm on the right track. :D I must admit I kind of cringe to read some of the old poems I used to write...some weren't bad, but there were some pretty melodramatic ones in there. lol

    As I already mentioned my critiquing group on your blog I won't do so here...unless I write a blog entry about it! :D


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