Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year...'s Eve!

Here in Western Australia it's 10:15 am on New Year's So yeah, I get to say what's in my title!

I hope everyone has an excellently awesome New Year's Eve. I will be on the river watching the fireworks over the water, hopefully with a glass or two of champagne in hand. I will also be furiously thinking (when I'm not busy talking) about what I'm going to do next with my editing of SUNDOWN. Yep, lately I've got a one-track mind. But I will be thinking in general about the coming year, and all the exciting things I will have to show at the end of it.

Some things that will happen in 2011:

1. I will finish reading up to book 13 of the WHEEL OF TIME series, and depending on when the final book is released, may even finish the entire series. I'm too lazy to go and google that release date, so...yeah. I have the feeling there are going to be MANY tears when this is finally all over. Even now I'm emotional thinking it's coming to an end. It's sad that Robert Jordan isn't alive to see it end, but at least his vision is being realised.

2. We are probably going to be doing a weird HARRY POTTER read/watch combo, where we read the first book and watch the first movie and then discuss them. Should be...interesting. Hehe.

3. All my goals I've already listed here will be worked towards, and barring some unforeseen disaster, will be achieved!

4. I will see my brother married in the Canadian Rockies! Not right on a mountain, but in the town he's currently calling home. I will also be a bridesmaid. Yikes!!

5. I will turn...31. Gasp.

6. My cat will turn 3. Gasp. My other cat will turn...5? I don't know her age since she was a foster kit cat.

7. Summer will pass blessedly into the night, making way for autumn and then winter. But I guess that's nothing new, eh? Still, I can't wait! This heat is really getting old. Then again, for me heat is old before it's even begun.

8. Um...other stuff will happen. Yeah.

Okay, I'm ending this here. But happy New Year's Eve everyone! :)

P.S. Crap! I just remembered I have to finish the Reverb10 stuff. Maybe I'll do that on January 1st.


  1. It's still 12/30 here. But have a great time on the river!!!!

  2. Hope you have (had?) a wonderful New Year's Eve. Here in the American Rockies, we'll be standing in the subzero temps, watching the fireworks set off on Pikes Peak.


  3. Thanks Jenn!! :) It was a fun night! I had a lot of champagne...haven't slept yet. Soon to do that. hehe

    Debbie, my brother is living in the Rockies atm - but the Canadian ones. I'll be there soon for his wedding! :) Anyway, hope you have a fabulous New Year's Eve too!! I'm envious of anyone who's in the cold right now. ;)


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