Saturday, 17 March 2012

"Got Green?" Blog Hop - stories of Ireland

Today is the "Got Green?" Blog Hop, hosted by the very persuasive Mark Koopmans, who convinced me to participate in this O'Hop even though I didn't really think I had any Irish stories. This O'Hop is based around St. Patrick's Day, of course, so the following question is a general theme:

What does St. Paddy's Day mean to you?

But participants are also encouraged to share any Irish stories they may have.

When I claimed to have nothing Irish to talk about, Mark suggested I should talk about the fact that I'm visiting Ireland this year for the first time. Why did this not occur to me before? I have no idea! Anyway, here goes:

I've been to the U.K. before (the first time being when I was born there; I've also visited twice in the years since), but this will be my first Irish visit.

What am I expecting of Ireland?
  • Cold(er) weather
  • Lush green landscapes
  • Possibly some depressing dinginess, but also cool medieval-ness
  • Guinness!
  • A lot of old history
  • Groovy little old Irish pubs with hot stew...and potatoes.

Upon my return to gross, hot, brown Australia, I will update you all on how my Irish experience really went (don't get me wrong, I love where I live...just not in the summer months! I have been cursing the much-abhorred sun today, which I tend to do most summer days 'round here).

P.S. I'm going to Wales for the first time, too! And further north in Scotland than in previous visits - right up to Inverness! Oh, and we're starting in Paris, where I first went at age 17, but which I will be exploring in much nicer style this time around.

Okay, I better go now, as I have to drop my kitties off at the place they're boarding. I feel like a horrible mother!! But a friend pointed out that I'd be a very horrible mother if I just left them to run loose and become strays. haha.


  1. Trisha, we're all expecting to hear the stories once you come back from Ireland! Oh, to be as lucky as you to travel to the land of beautiful green hills and lovely gray skies! Ack! You are oh, so lucky, indeed! Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. Your tour is going to be amazing! I hope Ireland is everything you want it to be! :D

  3. I found lots and lots of Guinness when I went. Enjoy your trip!!

  4. I'm going to be waiting for your pictures and stories when you get back! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. Wish I was going with you.


  6. Ohhhh... Have such a fun trip! I love Scottish/Irush history... Wars & everything. So fascinating. Have SO much fun!

  7. Part of my heritage if from Ireland. Another part of it is from Wales. That gives me double reason to be jealous. But that sounds like a great trip. Have a blast, now!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day! :)

  8. You are so lucky. I wish I could say I was visiting there this year. And I think your expectations are wonderful. You lost me at Irish stew and potatoes. YUM!

  9. What cool trip for you. I hope to do the same someday :)

  10. My aunt loved Australia! she said it was very colorful and beautiful. Ireland was lovely! The weather changes ever five seconds. I was used to that, it's just more drastic where I'm from.

    I agree--your trip sounds AMAZING! I know you'll have fun!! Take pictures and share! :)

    1. It certainly is colourful and beautiful, I'll give it that! hehe. i'm simply not a fan of our extreme summers, at all. I'm a winter girl!

  11. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip to Ireland. And the kitty's will be okay. They might be a bit snooty upon your return, but they'll warm right up again. Have fun.

  12.'re going to Ireland AND Scotland AND Wales AND Paris? ....TAKE ME WITH YOU.

  13. went to scotland & england (didnt get to ireland, but similar) as a teen, beautiful country! love castles! you will have a blast! looking forward to pictures!

    and australia is a dream destination =)

  14. I've never been to Ireland, and I think my expectations would be pretty similar to yours! I imagine a lot of green...

  15. Oh my goodness, I am SO EXCITED for you!!!

  16. Hi everyone!! I'm sitting in a Paris hotel room, it's about 6am and we've had a solid sleep. We have a gorgeous view from this room :) It was a fairly full-on experience getting here, but we made it! ;)

  17. Wow, I'm so jealous of your trip and yes, when you get back, please give us the details.

  18. Bonjour Trisha:)

    Are you still in Paris, or has the Irish adventure begun?

    Loved your post (and happy I was able to persuade you to join the O'Hoppin' :)

    Looking forward to hearing how it all went, and by the way, your expectations are fond memories to me :)


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