Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Chrysalis - prompt 1

Prompt 1 is up!! I am already over the 1000 word limit...just gotta figure out how to finish the story. Hehe. I'm still not sure where it's going.

We already have a few people participating. Exciting!!

Now, I thought I'd get some more Reverb10 done...yes, after the fact. But I am determined to finish!

December 22: Travel

In 2010 I started out the year in Canada, where my mum and I had been for Christmas and New Year's with my brother who lives there now. We spent that time with him, his wife-to-be and her family, and had an amazing time. Those people are incredibly generous and fun-loving, and they only wanted to entertain us. In short, we're lucky to be marrying into such a family. Hehe. Then again, they're lucky to be marrying into ours too. I also travelled to the U.S. again in August-September, to hang out with friends and go on a road trip from L.A. to Atlanta and back again. It was amazing! As for travelling in 2011, I am going to my brother's wedding, leaving early on January 20th and returning by February 4th. Other than that, I may or may not get peer-pressured by a work colleague to travel to the U.K. I can't really afford it, but she is pretty persuasive. :D

December 23: New Name

If I could introduce myself to strangers by a new name just for one day, I'd probably introduce myself as Squeaky McLean, mouse detective. After all, that's who I was supposed to be in a former life. ;)

December 24: Everything's OK

The best moment from the year that proved everything is all right? Probably the moment when I stopped to reflect on all I had achieved in 2010, writing-wise, and could look back and go, Yeah, I did okay this year! It was a pretty good year! And going into the new year, I managed to set myself greater challenges which I am confident I can achieve.

December 25: Photo

I think this photo encapsulates who I am, quite nicely. My friend Joni and I in her home in L.A., drinking wine and me pulling a silly face. Yep, that's so me, all round.

And nobody took it technically, unless you count the table. Well, either Joni or I pressed the button, and I think it was Joni who set the camera in that particular position, but it was my camera. Joint effort?

December 26: Soul Food

What did I eat in 2010 that I will never forget? What did I eat that touched my soul? Um, I totally love food you know. But let's see...probably the food we had at that Japanese place in Atlanta. The one where they cook the food right in front of you. It was delicious, but more to the point I was at a dinner with some awesome chicks and dudes, and that was what made it extra special. Hmm, or maybe I can count a cocktail as soul food? I had my very first Snow Ball on Christmas Day, and I have to say I'd like to revisit that experience. Hehe. I also had a mudslide at the Japanese restaurant though. Hmm...it's a tough call, but I'd say it's a tie!

Okay, that's enough of the reverb stuff for now. I'll finish off the rest later. Now back to my Chrysalis story!

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