Friday, 7 January 2011

Chrysalis Friday: The Thank You Note

Wow. I just read Jenn's story for this week, and this is how I would sum it up:

Creepy. Disturbing. And pretty compelling.

You can read it here.

I am up for posting next week's prompt. Ohhh, the pressure, having to compete with this week's. Hehe.


  1. Mine for this week is most of the way there; I hope to finish it up tonight. Not too upset at myself for being behind/late - it's been one helluva week. :)

  2. Rae, can't wait to read yours! :D If you want to submit it, we may put it up on the blog if we have your permission. We need to choose two out of any we do receive.

    Jenn, no worries - loved your story :)

  3. I'll chuck a link your way once it's up, if I manage to get myself to get it done. I'll also belatedly do the intro interview thing, too, if it all pans out appropriately.

  4. Coolness!! :D Well whenever you do get that stuff done, send it my/our way. You can take your time :)

    Hope your week was 'helluva' in a good way, not a bad way *hug*

  5. Mixed bag really, but that's just how it goes. :) *hugs back*

  6. At least it wasn't all bad! :) x


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