Sunday, 23 January 2011

Followers and blogs...and Piratica

Hey everyone! I just wanted to mention that if you are following my blog here but don't have a public profile, and yet you do have a blog you would like visitors at, you might wanna link me to it so I can come over and say hi. Otherwise I will never be able to reciprocate the way I would like to.

Okay, service announcement is through. Now...

I am reading a new book now (the third one I brought away with me, I've already read 2). It's called PIRATICA and a work colleague gave it to me for a birthday because my name is Patricia, and she thought the story might be about me. Hehe. No, just kidding, she didn't think that. But the book looks like a bit of fun. I've read one other Tanith Lee book before, THE CASTLE OF DARK, which I thought was interesting but didn't really grip me. Now that I'm more actively putting reviews on GoodReads I should probably re-read that one sometime to jog my memory. Anyway, long ago a friend of mine whose taste in music and/or writing I have always greatly admired, recommended Tanith Lee to me. So I guess it's about time I read another of her books. I see now that this book is part of a series.

So anyway, back to the tally: that's four books read so far this year, and a fifth just begun. Well on my way to beating last year's reading record. Though that wouldn't be particularly difficult to accomplish.

Tomorrow I believe we may be visiting Moyie Falls!

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  1. Oh, I remember reading Piratica a couple years ago...I liked it, I think, but I really wasn't a fan of the twist. Maybe because I wanted everything to be as I'd thought, since it was cooler that way?

    Anyway, I think it has a sequel--I found out about that a while after I'd read the first one, so never really got back into it. I hope you enjoy it more than I did. At least, more than I think/remember I did. =)


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