Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Top 10 Music blogfest - reminiscing

I know it's still kind of going on, i.e. people are still doing the rounds. That list of participants was loooooong! I am one of those who isn't done yet with my rounds. But I just wanted to say it was a lot of fun participating, and also...I've discovered a lot of cool new music! Well, some of it isn't particularly new...but it's new to me! And I've also been reminded of some songs I already knew, but had forgotten about. In short, it was not only fun but very much worth my while participating!

In other fun news, my "murdered darling" is featured on Charlotte Jane Ivory's Murder Your Darlings blog. You can find my deliciously "awkward" young adult fiction excerpt (I started writing this when I was an early teen and it's probably more novella length than anything), and follow along with my commentary, here. I'm glad to have been featured, and I encourage the rest of you guys to give it a go too with any discarded manuscripts (rough drafts) you don't intend to try publishing at any point. It's fun to look back and breathe a sigh of relief for where you are in the present.

And finally, the fourth prompt (from Winter again this week) for The Chrysalis Experiment is up! Once again this time, I had a false start this week and discarded my first attempt for a second. I'm excited about how our little project is going so far! If you're interested in writing short stories this year, you should check us out! There's no pressure to submit, just to keep having fun. You MUST keep having fun, OR ELSE.


  1. Oh those discarded manuscripts! It's always a trip looking back at that early, early writing and seeing how far we've come. Writing each chapter, each manuscript, is definitely part of the learning process.

  2. It was a fun but exhausting blogfest.

    I have a stack of discardeds from my earlier years. I doubt they'll ever see anything but more dust.

  3. I agree, it was exhausting. :D But I've loved a lot of the music I've discovered/re-discovered. ;)

    Yeah, you guys should submit your excerpts to Charlotte if you're interested. I think it does help all writers, to see that kind of thing - maybe helps them recognise things in their own writing. hehe


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