Monday, 17 January 2011

Wait, wait, waiting for Prompt #3

Not long now until Jenn's prompt appears on The Chrysalis Experiment blog. Weeks 1 and 2 were really fun and interesting for me. Can't wait to see what Week 3 brings. So far I've written sci-fi and horror/mystery, so what will I write next? I love not having a clue!

I've written about half of the third-last chapter of STORM. I could even imagine getting the thing (i.e. the entire novel) done before I hope on that plane on Thursday morning. But we'll see. I'm not pushing myself, particularly. I do have the entire year to get it done after all.

As for other goals, I'm looking forward to NaNoEdMo so I can get stuck into editing something new for a change (watch out FIRE, you're gonna get shred-DED!).

Meanwhile, I've got a plane or 3 to catch this week, a wedding to attend (in the Canadian Rockies, and as a bridesmaid, woo!), and...well, I guess that's it really! It'll do for the time being.

Last night I had a weird dream about attending a Smashing Pumpkins concert and seeing a friend get back stage with Billy, while I was left behind. The friend wasn't even a fan. LOL. It was a weird dream. Do any of you ever get inspired by dreams? I've written a few stories based on dreams before, and intend to write more in future. I've had some wacky dreams for sure.


  1. My dreams are disjointed and strange, but they do make good inspiration :)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one :)


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