Wednesday, 8 January 2014

IWSG #2 ~ picking a D-day

Here I am for my second round as an IWSG member. It still feels strange to say that I am a member since I spent so long visiting other people's posts on these days but never participating myself. One thing I learned in all that visiting was that everybody seemed to always have something new to say - something I hadn't seen before, or at least hadn't seen on anyone else's blog during that round of visits.

I guess if all of you can do it, I can as well! :)

I mentioned in last month's post that I am scared to self-publish. I'm still scared, of course, and probably always will be, but it is going to happen. I will make it happen. And that's just the thing - when you self-publish, YOU make it happen. Sometimes you can pay other people to help you make it happen, and of course you can employ the assistance of betas and CPs to help make it happen. But really in the end it comes down to you and what you're willing to give.

The book cover creation, editing, polishing and formatting for various platforms isn't what worries me. The thing that worries me most is the picking of a date. One particular date that will become D-day for my book. Or L-day, I guess (launch). None of my novels are ready for D-day, and I've been saying that for years (it's getting old). I've seen other authors pick a D-day before their book is ready, which has forced them to get their butt in gear in a big way. But I could never do that.

I must be READY, you see - and my book must be perfect (which I know it will never be). Only then could I possibly dare to take the plunge and pick THE DATE.


  1. You're right, it will never be perfect. There will be a thousand things you'll want to set up to promote your book before that date. But you know how it will all come together? When you have a deadline - that date.
    And don't forget you have an army of friends here online that will help you spread the word.
    (And glad you joined us!)

  2. I am so impressed that you are going to are brave! Set that deadline! Things will drag on forever and ever without it...having a date is a magic guideline and confidence-builder. :)

  3. exciting!!
    the best way to pick the date is with a dart thrown at a calendar =) then you have a deadline! (which are subject to change!) and once you choose a date, that dread will be past!

    happy date picking!

  4. Your book will never be 'perfect', because no book is. But it can be good enough, and that can turn out to be pretty glorious.

  5. The first step is always the hardest as they say, but what should be added is that it's often the most exciting. Best wishes for your self-publishing. I'm looking forward to seeing your work.

  6. It's always going to be scary sending your book out in the world, even if it was perfect. One of those things you won't ever feel ready for, so might as well take the plunge.

    Moody Writing

  7. Welcome to IWSG! Set yourself a manageable date for launch and stick to it, this will drive you to get finished and get your work out there.
    I, for one, look forward to hearing the news of when this will be! Good luck!

  8. Picking a D-Day IS the hardest decision, but once everything else starts to come together you will feel less nervous about it. You will feel more confident as all the pieces of the jigsaw fit. Go for it, I say.

  9. I think self-publishing is a brave thing to do. Probably the bravest thing an author can do, so I wish you the BEST of luck! And I hope you can pick that D-Day soon. :)

  10. I never do well with deadlines so I don't think I could pick a D-Day. Although I do have a particular date in mind that I would love to publish on, but the year doesn't matter so I don't think that counts. If you really want to pick a date, make sure it makes sense for how much work you know you still have to do. You don't want to rush or force yourself to finish your book if it's not good enough.

    (January IWSG Co-host)

  11. It all comes down to believing in what you have done / are doing. It seems you put yourself out there in the music arena. Is it time to do that with the writing? Good luck with that D-Day! Leanne ( )

  12. The D-day is scary. Once you pick a date and say it out loud, it's all coming to a head that day. You can do it, though. I don't know if any of us will ever say our works are perfect, but make it the best possible story it can be and you'll do wonderfully! :)

  13. Good luck with self-publishing. I'm hoping to finally bring out my first Russian historical this year, and need to find a cover artist and another set of eyes on the book before it gets anywhere. I'm sure you'll find the perfect launch date for it once it's in the best shape you can get it to.

  14. You're a lot braver than I am to self-publish. Best of luck with it, and if you still can't get set on a date, there's always the dartboard method. ^_^

  15. I understand your concerns - 100%!
    I want to self-publish my short story collection. But the question is - when?
    Picking a D-day is a scary thought...

  16. I've been thinking about self-publishing lately too... Just to see if there's an audience out there, or if I should just keep editing away in my cave...
    It'll be fun when you do pick a date - what a great anniversary!

  17. It's a tricky thing, picking a date without knowing when your book'll really be ready for publication. I hear you on worrying about the book not being done but:

    1. It gives you a deadline and sometimes that's what you need to get 'er done, and

    2. I've known some peeps whoe publishers set release dates while the book was still in edits!!! GAH!

    I think part of that is due to getting professional reviews for your novel. It seems most reviewers want a good three or more months to read your book/write their reviews, but often they work with an advanced reader copy or a not finally edited version, solely 'cause the dang thing ain't ready when they want to read it! I dunno. I waited as long as I could to set my release date, due to that same worry, but I'm not sure I handled it the best way...I've learned a lot, though, for sure! :-)

    Good for you, Trisha, for choosing to MOVE on your dreams!!!

    1. Thanks, Mina - and just so you know, your book is next to be read on my Kindle. :) But first I have to read this Jane Austen book in print.

    2. LOL, but DANG, Austen's a tough act to follow! Though I reckon I'm in excellent company. ;-) Thanks for being about to check it out!!! :-D

  18. I set deadlines all the time, which I quickly get bitter about and then ignore, who are they to tell ME when I do what it is that I'm doing?

    Yes, that makes no sense, but I've seen it happen to me enough to know that what I just described is a real thing for me. I do get mad at the deadlines and sit in front of my computer and pout about it. THen I get all weird and nostalgic about that poster I've been meaning to hang up in my room, or decide I must dust my books right now, or whatever it might be, before I can do anything else to one of my stories.

    Good luck.

  19. You can do this. It will be exciting. I can see why people get nervous about self-publishing. It takes a lot to do it right.


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