Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Post-NaNo slump ... ish thing (and IWSG #1)

So I finished NaNo and my word count was 106,132 words. I'm happy with the story even if I'm not yet quite happy with the writing - it is a rough draft after all. I now have twelve complete novel drafts. None of them are ready for publication or even for a final read-through by a CP or beta. So that will be my goal next year - get some of my stuff pub-ready (or at least final read-through ready).

Since NaNo ended, I've watched a lot of DVDs - Veronica Mars is my latest addiction, thanks to a friend's recommendation; and did you know there's a movie coming out next year?!! Woo! - and done very little of anything. Things are also crazy busy at work with huge projects underway (many due by year's end. ha.). So I am getting home each arvo having to resist the urge to go out and charge a 6-pack of beer to credit card. Yes, I'm also waiting eagerly for payday (story of my life lately).

So that's what's going on with me right now. And it's already December 5th!

How has the start of December gone for you guys?

P.S. I just read a news story about these guys - and I think they're awesome!

I am editing this post because I only just realised today I'm also meant to post for the IWSG - this is my first time posting, and I guess I am a bit insecure about jumping on this very large and shiny bandwagon! I have visited numerous blogs over the months/years and commented on IWSG posts - but I have always felt a bit intimidated about joining in. Silly, isn't it? But that's how I felt!

I also feel a tiny bit insecure around all the writers out there who are already published, because while I now have twelve novel drafts to my name, not one of them is publication-worthy right now. The thought of publishing something (anything), all on my own, quite frankly terrifies me. I am going to do it, but it's just plain scary. Since releasing my first CD of music, I've found out just how crap I am at selling my "wares", so to speak. And I don't doubt I'll be equally as crap at selling my book wares.

I had a taste of self-promotion when organising my first (and only) blogfest last year. That was hard enough. But trying to convince people to buy stuff I've created, as in really trying hard to talk them into it, is definitely not going to be one of my strengths.

So there you go. That's my first foray into the world if the IWSG. I'm sure I'll have more to say next time ... and yet that's another source of insecurity. What if I never have anything good to say on IWSG day ever again? :)


  1. So you finished NaNo at double the word count? Whoa... And congratulations!

  2. I think it's time to start focusing on the books you have...rereading, editing, beta readers...sounds like maybe you need a little push, because you're a fantastic writer and the whole world can't see it until you get it out there!!

  3. wow I'm so impressed by the 106k word count!! You have a lot of work ahead of you next year, but it will be brilliant.
    And a big welcoming hug to the IWSG :)

  4. Wow, 106k in one month!!!! How can you call yourself insecure :-) Having 12 novels in draft might feel daunting, but on the plus side YOU HAVE 12 NOVELS IN DRAFT. Edit one at a time and you've got a steady output for the next 4/5/6 years which is awesome!! Good luck. And welcome to the group :-)

  5. I hate marketing, but don't let that stop you from publishing. You'll never win the marketing game - it's a little like getting struck by lightning!

  6. You did double the NaNo! Awesome. Congratulations! I know the post-NaNo slump, though. I get it every year. Doesn't help that Thanksgiving is right at that time either.

    It is amazing you have 12 drafted novels. Wow! Marketing sucks. I hate it. But online, it isn't totally bad. If you got with a publisher, they would help to an extent. Good luck! Take that step. We'll all be here with you. :)

  7. I have loads of unfinished drafts so 12 complete drafts sounds great to me. You only have to get them publish ready, many of mine I actually have to finish. Yikes. You did amazing in Nano and the more the merrier with IWSG. Welcome Trish.

  8. Enjoy a six pack over the holidays! Congrats on NaNo.
    And I think those guys are awesome too. I noticed a long time ago that when there is a child in need in my own community, it's a race to help...firemen vs. bikers. Big hearted groups!

  9. Holy bananas, Batman! Twelve completed novels is amazing. I'm so excited to see where this all leads for you. I'm glad you joined in on the fun of IWSG. It's a great group of people. Welcome!!

    co-host IWSG

  10. Wow!!! That is such an INCREDIBLE wordcount for one month. i knew you 'won' super early, but hadn't realized you'd kept going at that pace! INCREDIBLE! And was I your Veronica Mars recommender? Because that is a series I recommend quite often... one of VERY few. ALSO... if any of your books you want to get ready next year are mystery or YA, I would be happy to act as beta reader. I can do other genres, but am not as confident in my ability to add. I am best at plot and characterization, instead of wording (I have a hard time separating 'how I'd word it' which I don't think helps as much)--so you'd want me as an earlyish reader, rather than trusting me as a polisher...

    1. Nope, it was not you, but a friend of mine who lives in Sweden and also writes :) But I've become addicted! I'm on season 3 right now, and churning through it.

      Re: beta-ing, thanks so much for the offer! I have written a fair few YAs, and one in particular I think I'll work on first is a YA contemp with elements of mystery (more a girl's family history mystery than anything, though). So maybe that would be one you could read for me ? :) But I want to go through it once before sending it to anyone, and I intend to do that next year.

  11. How can a person who's just written 106K for NaNo PLUS already has 12 completed novel drafts under her belt, be nervous about joining the IWSG? And you're a great writer on top of that.
    There are some of us still struggling with a first draft....
    Writer In Transit

  12. Go Trisha! That's an amazing word count. And twelve drafts? That's awesome. It gives the sense that you're really taking your time to make the writing the very best it can be. That's wonderful for you! Congrats on so many accomplishments! Looking forward to when one of those drafts does reach publication stage =)

  13. You definitely don't have to be afraid about joining the IWSG. We are all in the same boat here and we are all here to support each other. :)

    I didn't have a book published until last month. The end of last month. And it's not a book. It's an eBook. And it's not a novel either. It's a short story. lol But I've learned that whatever you have accomplished is something to be proud of, even if someone has 10 print novels to their name. We will all get their in our own time. :) You'll meet a lot of great writers through this group.

    Congrats on your amazing word count for your NaNo project. And good luck with everything!! :)

  14. That's an awesome word count for a mere month. One of my rough drafts was 397K in three months, so that probably averaged out to a bit over 100K a month. It can be done when you're inspired.

  15. Congrats on the great Nano word count! I agree with some of the above when it comes to editing and revising. You've probably got several excellent novels in that pile of drafts. They just need to be worked on. Believe it or not, I've learned to love that part even more than the drafting. Give it a try.

    Also, are you set on self publishing, or would you consider a small publisher or agent route? Having a team to help you might help with some of those insecurities.

  16. 106k - wow! Congratulations - now you have to edit it - eeek!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  17. Wow, congrats on NaNo! Amazing. I wanted to join NaNo this year but it just never happened...maybe next year. I've got a couple projects I'm working on right now and I can see how little by little they can start piling up. Sometimes I feel I start new projects to keep from truly finishing another. I'm hopeless, lol! Congratulations again and good luck on the editing and making it shine! (:

  18. You are one up on me; I keep thinking about joining IWSG and then thinking it's too late to get involved. Good for you for taking the leap!

  19. Wow! Fantastic word count! Way to go!

    And I know you'll get those novels ready for publication. It's a scary step to take, but we're here for you. :)

  20. Sorry to hear about your slump. I've been charging into revision this December, but might have been overdoing it, sigh.

    I nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogging award. More details here:

  21. Hi, Trisha,
    I think most of us have reservations about hawking our wares and many of us suck at it, but we sally forth anyway doing it afraid. So, with the IWSG crowd, you're in good company. :) When you need some encouragement, hop over to the Fb group and we'll cheer you on.

    Congrats on finishing NaNo!

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  23. What a wonderful achievement for Nanaowrimo, Trisha. That really is quite extraordinary.

    I'll add my voices to the congratulations on drafting 12 novels, too. You're bloomin' amazing


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