Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Write ... Edit ... Publish (Dec. ed. ~ TRADITIONS)

Today is December 18th, and therefore it's time to post for this month's WEP - the last for 2013! I have really enjoyed participating in Denise Covey's monthly blogfest this year, and look forward to continuing next year. Thanks so much Denise for being such a great hostess!

This month the theme is TRADITIONS, so I thought I'd share some of my Christmas traditions, or just things that tend to happen in my life around each end of year.

First off, the place where I get my morning coffee each weekday on the way to work gives their regular customers a little treat in thanks for their loyal custom!

This year's gift was deeelish! (I ate it earlier today)

Sometime before Christmas, I tend to catch up with two of my friends in particular and we do whatever. A few years back, we went into Freo for a wander around, a hot chocolate, and probably a movie (my memory's foggy, but here are some pics from that night):

Christmas decorations in Fremantle.
I love how they deck out this beautiful big tree.
Anything that sparkles gets my attention!
This was alcoholic.
(This year we are having a Bon Jovi sleepover because we missed out on concert tickets - the gals are coming to my place for a slumber party & that also counts as our Christmas do)

Also before Christmas, the institution I work for puts on a rather decadent Christmas bash, where the bubbles are flowing, the beer is chilled on ice, and the food is sumptuous.

And the department I work in organises a Christmas lunch at one of the many beautiful places to eat in downtown Freo. This year we went to Tabella, which I already knew was awesome. We also do a Secret Santa thing, but nobody has to participate.

On Christmas Day, my mum's side of the family has some "set in stone" traditions, though these days our numbers are fairly depleted (everyone's either moved to Melbourne or to Canada!!). Anyway, our tradition is to go to Cottesloe Beach in the morning for bubbles, smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels, fruit skewers, and of course, a swim!

A typical Christmas day in Perth.
Cottesloe Beach.

Then we go back to somebody's place to eat more food and drink more bubbles:

I do like me some bubbles!
I love taking pics of glasses full of bubbly - what's up with that?

In recent years I have generally also done something with my dad's side of the family (cousins who moved here from New Zealand, and their extended family/friends), generally at my cousin Olivia's place:

They have a pool, and always show us a good time!

Aaaand last year, because my mum was working away (she has a drive in, drive out job down south/east right next to a gold mine), I went down south/east on Boxing Day to visit her:

Gold Mine Road.

So there you go. You got a taste of some of the traditions that mark the coming-up-to-Christmas time period for me.


  1. What great traditions you have, I loved reading about them. More bubbly please!

  2. Hi Tasha .. I might fly out and join you!?! Reminds me of South African Christmases we had .. though could do with another beach one .. It's lovely that the family is around and you can all mix and match ..

    Enjoy and this is a great W E P for Denise's monthly blogfest .. cheers and I will have some bubbles - thank you! Hilary

  3. I like your Christmas mornings at the beach!

  4. Oh Trish you made me a little homesick there. Sounds a pretty typical Aussie Christmas ~ lots of friends and family fun but especially lots of LKOL. I've drunk my way through a few bottles of bubbles here in Gay Paree ~ the stuff is cheaper than water in their supermarkets. Can't get used to seeing vodka displays at the checkout instead of lollies LOL! La belle France.

    Thanks for your kind and supportive words about the blogfest Trish. I guess numbers are down as it's Christmas but I'm enjoying reading about these traditions.

    Hope you will continue sharing next year !


  5. No wonder your memory is foggy. lol Cheers to a beautiful Christmas! Looks like you've got yourself some nice traditions. I can't imagine it being hot for Christmas, but every so often our weather here in Florida is warm enough for me to wear shorts on Xmas day. :)

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas with lots of fun and festivities!

  6. You do know how to celebrate Christmas. :)

  7. So jealous of your beach side Christmas! I can send some snow?

  8. Oh wow!! So nice to hear of traditions down under!!! I love it that you have girlfriends to have traditions with. I miss having that a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love hearing about these traditions! So different, LOL!
    I did hear Bon Jovi ended his tour over there...would you believe I saw them in concert here over 20 years ago? And Jon Bon Jovi still looks exactly the same...maybe even better! :)

  10. Christmas in Perth looks gorgeous! I just love the lights, especially the tree. Pass the bubbles please. How lovely that you made the trip to see your mum, she must have been delighted. Have a very merry Christmas.I

  11. Wonderful traditions, could use some of that bubbly myself!

    Wishing you and your a lovely holiday season!

  12. I luvs the bubbly too, lol. Those are awesome traditions. Enjoy the end of year celebrations :)


  13. Great traditions. Love the idea of bubbly on the beach. Apologies for being so late. Happy New Year.

  14. Wow, you have such fun and exciting things happening during the holidays =-) The lit up tree pictures from your night with your friends are beautiful! Who doesn't love some Christmas lights? There's a really pretty park in my home town that tree makes me think of.


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