Friday, 27 December 2013

Cephalopod Coffeehouse & Do You Have Goals? [Dec.]

It's the last Coffeehouse book club meeting for the year! I want to thank the Squid himself for hosting this great little event each month - I sure hope it continues into 2014 and beyond. Anyway, onto December's read!

I read 3 books this month and rated them all 4 out of 5 stars. Since I can't choose a fave, I decided to just randomly stab a dart at one and make that December's book choice. :)

The story:
Nick wakes up in his room hungover and confused. He sees a pair of women's underwear on his floor and knows something must've happened but he has no recollection what. He struggles to learn the truth of what happened, following the few clues he has along a twisty trail.

From the GoodReads blurb:
"Nick Thorneycroft is a British headhunter working in Luxembourg. His company asks him to recruit a high-flying executive for the company's Russian business. The best candidate turns out to be smart, beautiful... and mysterious. Soon the effects of Russia’s political upheaval, and the arrival of an ex-girlfriend who won’t leave him alone, make Nick’s Luxembourg life increasingly perilous; worlds collide in this gripping, atmospheric tale."

My thoughts:
First off, I was intrigued by the description of Luxembourg. I have actually visited that country, but only briefly to step across the border so I could say I'd been there. I haven't seen nearly enough of the country, so it was interesting reading about it in this novella. Secondly, I really liked the pacing of this story - it was fast-paced but also tense and the plot turns kept me guessing until the end. I wasn't expecting it to end how it did, but it sure added to the "interest" factor.

All in all I'm happy I got to read this story thanks to NetGalley and Daniel Pembrey!

Since joining Misha Gericke and Beth Fred's Do You Have Goals? monthly blog hop (and thank you ladies for hosting such a great hop!), my chosen goal has changed quite frequently. And I have not yet achieved any of the variations of it as yet.

(that was my goal)

So how have I gone this year? Well, I haven't published yet (except for a little poem featured in Vine Leaves, which I am quite proud of, but still wasn't what I had in mind in terms of publishing "something"). This is largely due to my own slackness. Actually, it's entirely due to that. I just haven't put in the required hours for rewriting/revision.

In 2014, I'm determined not only to focus on rewriting and revision, but I am also determined to actually get into line with what this blog hop's all about - setting big, ridiculous goals for yourself and striving toward them.

So stay tuned, folks!


  1. Well, as the person who've just changed your goal, I must say you definitely got into the spirit of things. I definitely think you can do it, though. All it'll take is a bit of focus. Especially if you have two rough drafts written. :-)

  2. Thanks for recommending this one. Is it a thriller? Kinda sounds as if it is.
    Best of luck on the writing goal!

  3. I, too, am curious about Luxembourg. I'd love to do a principalities tour of Europe someday: Lux, Lichtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City.

    I fully intend to continue with the Coffeehouse as long as folks continue to enjoy it. Thank you so much for being such a loyal and engaging participant.

  4. I haven't heard of this book and being in the business of writing that is saying something. Cool. Thanks for the tip.
    Author of Wilder Mage at Spirit Called
    Facebook Wilder Mage

  5. It sounds like an interesting tale. I do have goals for next year. One, to self-publish a piece of long fiction, which to date I've never published anything longer than 10k words. And two, to finish my WIP and submit to agents/publishers for consideration.

  6. That's something you really can't control though. I'd say published in Vine Leaves is a big thing. Be proud of it!

  7. Sounds like a sweet read, and the best of luck to your goals as 2014 rolls in! :)

  8. Hmm...I think I might like The Candidate. Anything Russian centered intrigues me.

    Best of luck with your goals in the upcoming new year!

  9. I agree with Alex, I think publication in Vine Leaves is something to be really proud of too. Good luck with your 2014 plan, I know you'll do it. I really need to join Misha's hop for the new year.

    Thanks for sharing about this book, I love intrigue and suspense stories so this sounds right up my alley.

  10. Congrats on getting published no matter the content. You just keep moving forward and you will achieve your goal. That novella you picked sounds quite intriguing by the way. Happy Holidays an a prosperous New Year.

  11. I agree with the others about your poem - that IS something to be very proud of! Here's to a fruitful 2014!

  12. I am intrigued by the blurb of "The Candidate"...I think I shall add it to my "READ" list on Goodreads...

  13. Big and ridiculous sounds perfect :-) Happy 2014 Trisha!

  14. The Candidate sounds interesting!

    I have no specific goals...maybe that's why I never accomplish anything.

  15. Having a poem published is a real achievement. Well done. Good luck with goal setting in this coming year. May all your dreams be HUGE!


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