Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Travel Series: MELBOURNE

First off, I want to apologise to those who might've stopped by expecting a guest post from Mina Lobo yesterday/today as part of her THAT FATAL KISS release celebrations. I was meant to post on the 24th for Mina's book release, but a combination of technological woes and flighty brains (mine) meant it didn't happen. The post has been rescheduled for THIS SUNDAY, the 29th, so if you guys stop by then you will see that post then. Thanks Mina for being so understanding and forgiving of my deficiencies. ;) *hug*

This month for Globetrotters I'll talk about (or, mostly, illustrate) the 4-day trip I took to Melbourne in 2008, for a work conference. I haven't quite finished with my 1998 world trip story yet, but I don't have access to the photos I need for that one, so Melbourne it is. Although my 2008 trip was for work, I did get to walk around the city admiring the sights. I also went to the MCG for a conference dinner, and saw a whole lot of seagulls (this coming Saturday my footy team is playing in the GRAND FINAL there, wooooo!!! So excited!). Anyway, from here on out I'll basically post a bunch of photos so you can experience a bit of Melbourne:

Walking by the Yarra.

The Yarra.

Flinders Street Station.

Photo exhibition.

It was near on Christmas time.

Gigantic Christmas tree in the mall where I went to see a movie.

Dizzying roof.

More Christmas decorations.

Me in my fancy hotel room.

The view from my hotel.

More Yarra.

Out-there sculpture by the river.

Salt n Pepa! Noice!


In the Casino foyer type area.

More art by the river.

Great view from a river bridge.

Never been in there.

At the airport, the obligatory beer - and a Krispy Kreme. Don't remember it being all that shockingly amazing.

I always try to take aerial photos from planes.

Another one.


  1. Nice pics!

    About Follow Fest (sorry...couldn't find an email address or contact form) - It's fine however you signed up. I'll fix any glitches. ;)

  2. Australia and New Zealand are at the top of my 'next big trip' list, Trisha! Loved the pics of Melbourne. :D

  3. Gidday Trisha,

    Sometimes these blog tours can run into a few glitches. I'm sure Mina was totally understanding. I wont mention that Mina is one of my adoring fans :)

    Thanks for that virtual tour of Melbourne. You seem to have had a fun time in your fancy hotel room. Looks like you are about to sneak out with some hotel packaged souvenir soap :)

    Right then, back on Blog Air, the blogger's favourite airline...

    Gary :)

  4. I'd love to go to Melbourne - great restaurant town, I've heard.

  5. The casino was impressive. Cool you were there to see the Christmas decorations.

  6. Looks like a fun trip even if it was for work. I've always wanted to go to Australia, hope I make it some day.

  7. Think somehow I missed your move, following now though!

  8. The more I read about Australia the more I really want to visit!
    And, um, Saturday... hope you're a Dockers fan... One of the girls from my writers' forum is and that's all I've been hearing about for the last two weeks! So exciting!

    1. Yes, I am!!! Freaking out with excitement over my Dockers boys :)

  9. Awesome pictures! Thanks for bringing us on your trip. :)

  10. How fun! I want to go there someday. It's on my bucket list!

  11. Thanks for this Trish. It's such a long time since I've visited the cultural capital of Australia, but have been hankering to revisit Melbourne and Sydney again one day soon. (Freo must be crazy at the moment!)



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