Friday, 20 September 2013

Write...Edit...Publish ~ Sept. (= Moving On)

Today is the second monthly "instalment" of Write...Edit...Publish, hosted by L'Aussie Writer Denise Covey. Denise used to co-host the RomanticFridayWriters monthly bloghop, but when that came to an end she decided to kick off WEP. Each month there is a different prompt and you can be creative in how you "answer" the prompt, as shown below:

It's time to sign up for the September WEP blogfest. This time the prompt is MOVING ON. FLASH FICTION, POETRY, NON-FICTION, PLAYSCRIPTS, ARTWORKS, PHOTOGRAPHY...all welcome! Treat the prompt as you wish!
  1. SUBMIT your name to the Inlinkz list below NOW if you wish to participate
  1. CREATE your entry according to the monthly theme - September - MOVING ON. 
  1. EDIT your entry until it sparkles
  1. POST your entry on your blog on the date shown - Check out the clock on WEP which is set to Brisbane, Australian time. Post on September 20 your time. Remember to state feedback preferences (full critique to general comments) and whether your work is copyrighted - © 
  1. READ other entries, giving feedback as requested

For my entry this month I thought I would just share a bit of very old Paintbrush artwork which I think suits the theme pretty well (which, no, I have not edited since it was created):

The theme I see in this picture is ... "This gal's moving on and, man, you were too slow to nab her when you had the chance! Look at that sassy broad - yep, you're regrettin' it now aren't ya?"


  1. I love this sassy broad's style Trish. Very confident stance...yeah...I can relate to your interpretation, after all, you created it! I could write a whole story around it, which means there's a lot to see. I think she had one little glance over her shoulder, flicked her luscious blond-as-a-lemon hair, adjusted her beret, and thought, 'Loser!'

    Very creative entry Trish! And thanks for the shout out. Much appreciated.

    I've posted, Anna's posted, but that's all I know so far. I'll put a note on the cbox that you've posted. (I use the blogroll I've created on WEP for the so-far regulars).


    1. She looks in the 'far away' bit a little like she's sashaying away, too. hehe. I like your interpretation and I concur!

      Cool idea using a blogroll for the 'so far' posts. That will make it easier to track. :) Going to check out the others "so far" now!

  2. Wonderfully creative entry - I like this a lot and agree totally with your interpretation as well as Denise's.

    Love the way WEP is attracting new artists!

    My post will go live after midnight - it's still the 19th here.

  3. Your picture shows a lot of character. Nice blogfest, I like how there is scope for such broad interpretation of the theme.

  4. Well done that lady, show him what he is missing! She can do better.

  5. My favorite part is the caption! "Look at that sassy broad" So fun!

  6. Very creative entry. Loved the example of moving on!

  7. Love your interpretation!
    Interesting choice of colours too!

  8. Nice. So, it's the same woman in both images, right? So she is, in fact, moving away from us?

  9. Love the artwork and you're right, it fits the theme.

    My story is posted.

  10. Hi, Trisha..

    This pic speaks a thousand words.... Very cool!

  11. That's great artwork. Paint is not easy to use (at least not for me).

  12. I can't stand to do art work like that on a computer so more power to you!!! I like the sassy reasoning behind the images too! Great!


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