Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Flock of Ill Omens ~ release / The World Ends How!? blogfest

Today Hart Johnson releases the first part in her A Shot in the Light serial. Part 1 is titled "A Flock of Ill Omens", and here is some more info about it:

Deadliest virus in a century, or a social experiment gone awry?
Every year they warned about the flu and more often than not, it amounted to nothing. Sidney Knight, a young freelance reporter had certainly never written on it. But a trip to Lincoln City, Oregon cut short by a beach full of dead seagulls and a panicked warning from her brother the scientist catch her attention. This batch is different. Deadlier. And the vaccine doesn't seem to be helping. It almost looks like it's making it worse...
A Flock of Ill Omens: Part I is the first episode of A Shot in the Light, an Apocalypse Conspiracy Tale about what happens when people play God for fun and profit. There will be approximately ten episodes, each the equivalent of about 100 pages. 
Good Reads has a sneak peak posted. You can find the purchase link and more information about the book here. And if you want it FOR FREE, I will be offering it free on the release dates of at least the next two in the serial: September 19 and October 10. 
Hart Johnson writes books from here bathtub and can be found at Confessions of a Watery Tart, though be warned. She is likely to lead you into shenanigans.

Buy part 1:  A Flock of Ill Omens
Like Hart on Facebook: Hart Johnson
Mark part 1 as 'to read' on Goodreads: A Flock of Ill Omens

The release of part 1 goes hand in hand with a blogfest Hart decided to host in celebration. Here are the details of this little 'fest:

1)  Sign up through the linky 
2)  I will send a bit of info to you a few days before (blurb, cover, links) 
3) You add 50-250 words about how YOU think the world will end (all in fun): is it nuclear war? Aliens? Zombies? Asteroid? [Is it clear yet I think way too much about this?] Giant Spaghetti Monster? Attack of the Interrobang!? Or are you on board with my flu scenario? 
PRIZE!!! To sweeten the pot, I will randomly choose one entry for: 
A SUBSCRIPTION (the full serial, as it comes out) and a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

So, I guess it's my turn to answer the question on everybody's lips today -
The World Ends How!?

I think the world is going to end when global warming turns the planet into a veritable sizzling pizza. The pizza will evolve over many centuries until eventually it's basically one great big Pizza the Hutt. Now, if you've seen Spaceballs, you'll know how Pizza's story ended. For my part, I think that's how Earth's story will end as well.

Thanks Hart for hosting this super-fun blogfest,
and many congrats on your release!!
I wish you all the giddy-making success
that can be had in this soon-to-be-pizzafied world. ;)


  1. *dies* HA! Pizza the Hutt... we definitely need to get going on our cheese production!!! Thank you so much for participating!!!

  2. Pizza the Hutt - so apropos, as much as we consume it only serves us right! :)

  3. Hey, Trisha, I see we each have our own theories. Being burn to a crisp doesn't sound like fun, even it there's pizza involved somehow.

  4. Eww we're going to toppings on a pizza? Great end of the world.

  5.'re delicious! Haha. I love Spaceballs...and I love pizza. This is a cool blogfest and Hart's book sounds really interesting.

  6. Hey Trish, at least Pizza Hut is my favourite pizza! Cool. Mine's a little more desperate than yours. I entered this 'fest at the last minute. The problem is getting around to everyone!

  7. Pizza's probably as likely a scenario as any. I expect the people will be long gone, though - part of the sauce, perhaps, but no longer substantial enough to qualify as toppings.

  8. At least it's a scrumptious ending! LOL
    I think that a fiery finale is definitely on the cards!
    Writer In Transit


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