Friday, 16 August 2013

[O&AM] Things I've inherited from my family

I've inherited a lot of things from my parents - Mum's green eyes, Dad's height. Oh, and this curly hair came at me from both directions. I also think I got my sarcasm from one of my aunties on Mum's side. But when I was little I was the spitting image of an aunty on my Dad's side, to the extent that Dad would often call me by her name. Oh, and my mum definitely loves to travel, but I think I got the "bug" from Dad.

There are also more bothersome things that run in my family:

  • Skin cancer
  • High cholesterol
  • Arthritis

I already know I got hit with the cancer stick, though thankfully I've only had the "undeadly" kind so far. I also inherited that high cholesterol thing, so no matter how healthy I am my levels are probably going to be a little bit higher than most women my age. The arthritis may manifest itself later on in life, but for now I'm free of that.

There's one more thing I thank my family for passing onto me, and that's the creative genes that keep me busy and constantly inspired. So, I thank my family for the stuff they generously passed on to me. I'll even take the pesky health afflictions if it means I get to keep the rest. :)


  1. Yeah, I often think of my grandfather when I'm writing, thanking him for that particular gene.

  2. Two bad things I know I've inherited:

    (i) Being the shortest and the eldest (Mom's Side)
    (ii) Cancer (hasn't got me yet)

    Also the scary part is the only person close to me who didn't die of cancer was shot. So yeah, Cancer or violence. Not Good.

  3. Creativity genes are the best. I'm not sure where I inherited it from, though. Maybe my artistic grandmother.

  4. If you were an American, Trisha, you would already be preparing a lawsuit against your parents for bequeathing you these traits.

    My mother was just under five feet tall, and I am a little south of 5'7", so I blame her!

    But I, too, inherited a creative gene from them both, and a fair amount (methinks) of smarts, so it's a fair trade.

    We start the march towards death the second after the doctor slaps us in the rear, so dwelling on what health risks you may have doesn't pay.

    You seem to be chasing your dreams.

    THAT is living. THAT is what it's all about!


  5. Gidday Trisha,

    A thoughtful, balanced and indeed, an upbeat ending story. The positives of the inspirational aspects you hold precious from your family, reflect lovingly in your posting.

    A peaceful remainder of the weekend to you.

    Gary :)

  6. When it comes to genetics we can't be choosy, hey? We gotta accept what's dished out.... LOL
    At least you've been blessed with the artistic gene... in more than one way... now that's something to grab with two hands!
    Writer In Transit

  7. Although, there is somewhat of a link between creativity and insanity.

  8. We owe so much to our parents, we never even realize. Right from our looks to how we react to a particular situation. Thanks for reminding me on this.

  9. I've got the genes of all three from my family too, and all three have threatened, (nothing serious so far). I wish I had creative genes from my parents-- but may be i have them from my grandmum-- your creative genes have really kicked in, loving reading your stuff this week.

  10. I inherited low blood pressure and my looks from my dad. My short temper comes from my mom's side of the family. They also have cancer and heart problems, but I don't know if I inherited those yet.


  11. I don't even want to consider what I've inherited, all the bad I'm sure! :)

    Do know I got the writing gene from Grandma, she wrote poetry!

  12. I got the writing gene from my family line as well. Although they wrote serious stuff; where Catrina came in, I don't know. :)

  13. Hi Trisha ... it is always 'strange' to think we've inherited our parent's traits ... all of them in one way or the other ..

    Thankfully they had pretty good health - so so far I've been very lucky that way .. no hair (little anyway!!), but healthy otherwise!

    Cheers Hilary


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