Monday, 8 July 2013

[O&AM] I'm a grumpy granny on the roads

I have always been opposed to road rage and dangerous driving in general, and while I was learning to drive I was the "careful" one, while my best friend was the "maniac you'd never want to drive you anywhere". She was a speed demon who jerked into the next lane and I was the calm, collected one who gently merged and took my time about it. I'm still a safe driver, and yet I guess a few things have changed since those early days. For one thing, I love to take off really fast from lights and stop signs, even if I'm not actually making tyres squeal. But something else has changed as well. I'm much less patient and way more grumpy with other drivers!

Don't get me wrong, I don't tailgate people and flash my lights at them if they're doing something I hate. But I mutter angrily at them and say very bad words and wish them many traffic infringements. Oh, yes, many times I've been heard to say (to myself, at least, while driving), "You dick head! I hope you get a ticket!" I hate it when people go too slow, and I really hate it when they go too fast and tailgate me. So I guess you could say that unless someone's going just the right speed for the zone they're in, they really can't win with me.

I'm not sure if I'm becoming an old, grumpy granny or if I'm just getting fed up with the idiots out there on the roads. Either way, I do feel a bit of road rage nowadays, even if I don't do anything reckless about it.

What are you like on the roads?

P.S. I'm almost 100% moving house this week. 
Did I mention that??
I. cannot. wait.


  1. lol. Well, I don't like watching people not stop at stop signs and just sort of yielding. I think that's the worst way to get into an accident. I'm not good in traffic. I get anxious. I'm from a small town, and I live in a bigger town now (not a city), and I still get nervous.

  2. Hah! I'm pretty impatient on the road, too. I don't tailgate either no matter how slow someone is going but it sure ticks me off when someone tailgates me - especially when I'm driving faster than the speed limit!!! I often think the same thing when they pass me: I hope you find a nice cop waiting for you around the next corner!

  3. Yeah, I get a bit... chatty behind the wheel. I'm patient, mostly, but some days the lunatics get to me, especially lunatics on phones.

  4. There are far too many idjits on the road.

    Although it is funny that my next statement is pretty universal to all drivers.

    Anyone driving slower than we want to drive is an IDIOT.

    Anyone driving faster than we want to drive is a MANIAC.

    I do wish they would make cars emit a signal that disables cell phones-I agree with Lynda about the lunatics on phones. I hate when some dope on the phone in a Ford Expedition starts drifting into my lane-my Miata could fit in their glove compartment.


  5. Good for you for not letting the annoyance of other drivers turn you into a road rager.

    According to my mother, I'm a creeping granny (really, I don't go THAT slow), and that's just how I like it. People always get so angry when driving, like it's a competition.

  6. I'm kind of like you- I am on the road so much that I get tired of people being on my ass or poking along getting in my way when I am trying to get to work on time. I am not above flipping somebody off if they honk at me or curse at me for maybe not running a red light or something. I hate people who wind through traffic the most- they are just an accident waiting to happen.

  7. Just beware of the road rage taking you over. No one wants that.

  8. I am a little more laid back but have no problem flipping the bird when needed, honking my horn, or calling them every name in the book. It just depends on the situation. LOL


  9. Oh, I can so relate, Trisha. I mutter angrily too. Especially during the summer when our town is overrun with tourists. I should probably always drive with the A/C on, because when my windows are down I could potentially get into trouble with my muttering. Sadly, as the parent who taught my daughters to drive, I have passed this ugly little habit along to the next generation. I'm not proud of it.

  10. I'm fairly patient on the road BUT cannot tolerate blatant idiots.
    From time to time, I also employ "grumpy granny tactics".

  11. You and I must be related. I'm the same.

    Hope your move goes without a hitch.

  12. Oh, I definitely yell at people... inside my car where they can't hear me. I am patient with ordinary busy traffic--nothing that can be done about that. But drivers who are being idiots need some standard advice. Hang up and drive gets said a lot. As does, 'you're an idiot' and 'get off the road'.

  13. Oh, I'm a speed demon. However, I'm a safe driving speed demon. In the since *counts on fingers* 24 years I've been driving, I've only gotten one speeding ticket and have had no accidents.

    I don't usually grump at people though. I spend way too much time in traffic, so I've learned to mellow out and relax about it.

  14. I'm pretty good as long as people follow 'the rules of the road'. The big one I can't stand is slow people in the left lane. EVERYONE knows that rule! So move over! haha

  15. I see myself as more of an impatient driver. My parents are a lot better than I am.

  16. Hi Trish. If you're moving/moved/about to move, I wish you well. Not so much fun as speeding. I like WA in that there is absolutely NO TRAFFIC as compared to Queensland. Didn't see too many speed cameras or cops either. Loved it. I have a bit of a need for speed on the open road. One of the reasons why driving in Europe is so much fun, (except when you forget right is left and you're in the fast lane and all the red Ferraris are blowing their horns and flashing their lights...gulp.)

    1. Wow, if you think WA has hardly any speed cameras or cops, I shudder to think what QLD must be like! We consider ourselves a bit of a police state over here ;)

  17. Driving is such a part of our life in the American Southwest. (Everything is a long distance). I think I'm pretty calm. I try to be extra patient when I see an elderly person driving (there are lots of them here). I figure that'll be me some day.


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