Monday, 15 July 2013

Recently read books [medium-size reviews]

 Dizzy - Nyrae Dawn & Jolene Perry

I think there should be a GoodReads star for "I loved it" that falls in between "really liked it" and "it was amazing". If there was I would give this book that star! I really did love it, and I will enjoy re-reading it someday as well. I think Dylan was definitely a hot character, and I really loved Ziah's personality. It was sweet to see the romance unfolding between them, and I tell ya what, there were some hot kissing scenes! The scene in the tunnel is particularly a favourite of mine. ;) So if you're a fan of contemp YA romance, I'd highly recommend this one. Thanks ladies :)

Riversong - Tess Thompson (free from Amazon)

Well, this technically is a romance I guess, 'cause it has a happy ending. But not just between the romantic pair - it's also between our main character and the entire town she returns to. I really loved this book. I enjoyed the often poetic writing style. The read was sadly marred by some formatting issues, mostly typos but also entire words missed out here and there. Thankfully they weren't all through the book, and Thompson knows how to use apostrophes. All the book really needs is a good proof read to be made almost perfect, I think. As for plot, I think the resolution of the Zac / Von issue was rushed a little bit, and I think Zac could have been portrayed as more angry/dangerous. Re: the religious aspect, I didn't realise this was meant to be a Christian book in part. Thankfully it wasn't preachy, and the one character who is overtly religious sort of makes sense, considering his background and so on. Also, the way he talked about God was nice because he found God inside himself.

Wicked Games - Jessica Clare (free from Amazon)

Before I started this one, I'd tried starting a few other freebies that just didn't grip me. But I started this and pretty quickly found myself bursting into snorting laughter and basically hooked on the story. It's definitely fluff in the sense that it doesn't try to tackle serious issues or bring about world peace. And yet I really had a good time reading it. I will say that the "happily ever after" was delivered extremely quickly - like, within 3 sentences at the end! But other than that, the storyline was amusing, and I loved main character Abby's sense of humour - and her sarcasm and bitterness too. In the end that bitterness wasn't portrayed as a flattering thing, but it sure made for great ratings (the book is set on a Survivor-esque reality TV show). The sexy scenes definitely grabbed my attention, and were well written and enjoyable. The early fights between Abby and Dean were classic. And I liked the take on this type of reality show. It was amusing to experience the POV of an extremely unwilling participant in such a show. So, to summarise = it's fluff but it's FUNNN-AY, and sexy/romantic too. :)

War of the Worlds - H.G. Wells

Yeah, I fiiiinally finished this, but don't let the extremely slow pace of reading fool ya. I loved this book. I did see the Tom Cruise movie of this story when it came out, and I am pretty sure I enjoyed it (though can't really remember much of it now), but somebody mentioned that they'd like to see a movie version that is set in the era the book was written in. i.e. NOT a modern-day take. And this was actually what I thought myself on occasion while reading the book for the first time. This book is set in an era where there are hardly any cars, and most people ride bicycles. There aren't mass-murdering weapons of war that humans can bring to bear on the invading aliens, and so there are slaughters of humans who are as puny ants in the path of the fearsome Martians. I definitely agree that a movie set in the era the book describes would have potential to be awesome. This is the first of H.G. Wells's works that I've read, and having read it I can say I would love to read more of his work.


  1. Hey Trish, I have a future post written about self-publishing and not getting a proper edit. I probably abandon 90% of 'free' or 99c e-books I download. My mantra is 'life is too short to read bad books when there's so any good ones to read' (like War of the Worlds!! These old classics take a lot of time to wade through as they are somehow more thoughtful than most of the storylines and settings cranked out today. Of course there are exceptions. Most of the classics would never be published today.

    I'm having to re-read Emma and to read Dorian Gray for the first time for students. Not a great difficulty.

    Thanks for the honest mini reviews!


  2. I'll definitely have to check out Riversong and Wicked Games. It doesn't get better than good free books. I also love the cover for Wicked Games! I'm that person that judges a book by its cover. ;)

  3. You know, I've never read the War of the Worlds. I listen to the 70s musical a lot though, but I guess that doesn't count ;)

  4. I always liked War of the Worlds :). It's interesting how different the writing style is from modern works. And there's plenty of HG Wells out there to read, too.

  5. I agree; a movie set in The War of the Worlds' actual time period would be something to see. I've been meaning to reread that, if I can ever get through the Wheel of Time series. I'm still only on book 3. :)

  6. they look like great reads! haven't heard of them!

  7. Excellent reviews. I saw War of the Worlds the movie...other than that, never read any of the stories.

  8. All of these books look really good and your reviews are surely enticing. I will be adding all of them to my must read list except War of the Worlds as I already read that one a while back. :D


  9. Looks like some great reads!! I especially want to read Nyrae's and Jolene's book!!

  10. Hey, thanks!! I just bumped onto this, lol. ;-)


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