Sunday, 21 July 2013

I've written 10 books and 1 novella

So, yeah, I've been aware of this little "issue" for a few years now - I'm excellent at spewing out those first drafts and I even enjoy the revision process. But despite having written ten (10!) novels and one novella so far, and having many more rough drafts waiting to be completed, you'd think I might've got at least one publishable by now. Even if I had to publish it myself, which I am definitely open to.

I'm definitely guilty of being seized by that shiny new idea and running with it. This happens at least twice a year, actually, since I participate in NaNoWriMo and BuNoWriMo each year (November and June). So, basically, it's inevitable that I will write two new novels every year, or at least one and work on other projects during June, which leaves a little less time for revision of existing drafts (not to mention completing all my unfinished novels). I think last year I planned to have a year of revision, and it was the same this year. And I must say I have done a fair bit of revision, including a total rewrite of one novel. And yet I don't feel that I'm in a much different position now than I was two years ago. Except I have more rough drafts in need of editing. ;)

So, in short my problem has never really been
writer's block.

And I'm certainly not complaining about the fact that I seem to have never-ending inspiration. But I have to say I do actually want to publish something, and this does not appear to be the way to do it. ;)


  1. Sounds like you need to buckle down and get serious about getting one of them ready for publishing, my friend. There they are sitting there... just longing to be worked on. Time to commit to one of them ;)

  2. I'm afraid I have this problem. Writing drafts isn't that big of a deal. But after that? ...

    However, there is something glorious in surrounding yourself with stories in all different stages. Something raw and creative and exciting.

  3. I've had this problem for years I'm just lucky I finally have a novella to publish in December. Still have loads of unfinished work and new ones keep coming. My advice give yourself an ultimatum, even promote a date for your book maybe a year from now to help force yourself to complete it.

  4. I'm guilty as you are. I always joke that I don't suffer from writer's block, I suffer from writer's diarrhea. To finally get myself querying, I got a calendar and started doing like Sheena-kay said, I set dates of completion. And since I had so many open projects, I chose which one by drawing names out of a cup.

    1. OHhhh, writer's diarrhea. Or diarrhoea as we say in Aus :D YESSSS, this is perfect for me. I blurgh it all out and I do revise but in most cases it's been rather half-hearted. SO FAR. This shall change, oh yes it shall.

  5. Dude, two first drafts a year ain't nothin to sneeze at! I've been all revisey and whatnot, haven't written anything "new" in AGES, and I've got several WIPs who'd really appreciate me getting on with themm already!

    Still, maybe you need to back away from the "WriMos" for a wee bit, so you can polish your TEN novels! ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  6. Hey Trish, I'm glad I'm in excellent company! I participate in NaNo every year (4 years in a row), but not BuNo - heard of it but not sure what it is, obviously another NaNo. I have written to a certain level, 4 novels, and am finally close to finishing one! Yippee de do dah! And I have some novellas, countless short stories waiting to be collated, blah blah. I thought I might self publish some of the shorter ones. Charmaine went through EVERY step to self publish your work at our last writers group. I'm sure she/I would be happy to pass these on to you, but, ah, you have to have something finished, edited before you begin. Like me, that is the rub.

    But congratulations! Keep on writing!


  7. Well done, that's a great tally. You just need to take the next step and maybe have some one read them for friendly critiquing?

  8. That's a great achievement in itself. I've had short stories pubbed before, but am now working on my first novel. I'm looking for a crit partner for the second draft. Do you want to look into one of your drafts and do a crit exchange ?

  9. You're still well ahead of some of us, Trisha! That would be 0 novels, 0 novellas for The Squid...

    I sure love reading 'em, though. I hope you're joining us again for the Coffeehouse. Here's the link:

  10. Wow that's wonderful. Now, woman, get to work revising.

  11. Two novels a year is AMAZING...
    I'd say that you should choose the one closest to your heart, the one that really resonates with you... and then work towards publishing it, no matter what route you decide to take...

  12. I know it feels like it, Trisha, but you're definitely not in the same place you were 2 years ago. :) Those words you've put down--even if they never see print--have moved you closer to your goal. We learn so much every time we complete a story. It helps us refine the type of writer we'll eventually become.

    One of these projects will take hold of you. It'll be the one that defines, in your mind, the type of writer you want to be. It'll meet your lofty expectations and then some. When you find that story, it'll also be the one that you'd spend the rest of your life polishing just so you could share it with others.

    Basically, you'll know it without a doubt. Until then, keep writing more stories. :)

  13. Impressive draft count! I'll let you know if I ever figure out the perfect way to revise...I feel like I'm getting there, but it's so easy to have drafts that aren't quite polished enough. I think another author (sorry, I forget who!) put it best on her blog: no one cares about my books as much as I do, so I should make them as good as I possibly can before sending them out (which is tricky, but I'm trying!).

  14. Ha ha, me too - I've got tons of stories! But actually editing them all the way to completion... yea.
    If you ever find a good trick for focusing on edits and getting stuff done, let me know!

  15. Wow, you've certainly written a lot! I often start feeling distracted by The Shiny New Idea, so then I have to MAKE myself continue working on the current book! I guess you need to choose one of yours and really focus on trying to get it published.

  16. I totally get that. I'm the same way. Too many ideas and not enough publications. BUT! the good thing is if we do decide to self-pub, we'll have plenty of work to put out there and make ourselves seen.


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