Friday, 5 July 2013

A writing/goal update

(thank you everyone for the comments on the last post :) It is pretty exciting, but also weird! :) )

I feel that I have totally lost the plot (no pun intended, got plenty o' plot!) when it comes to 2013's goals. These are goals I set myself before the year even began, and as usual I was feeling all pumped and determined and capable. I guess I still feel perfectly capable, but I keep thinking that I'm going to get everything I want to achieve done "after I've moved house" or "after I've done those songs for Billy" or "after I've fed the damn cats".

I can say that I've achieved some things already:

  • Written at least 52 weeks' worth of new words - my goal was 1k a week, but I've stuffed all those words into June and the beginning of July with my BuNoWriMo project
  • Made the blog over - including a change of URL that some people still haven't found :)
  • Won BuNoWriMo 2013 with my story lamely titled SMALL TOWN.

I'm also well on track with these goals:

  • Reading at least 30 books in the year - I've read 25 so far
  • Sorting out all my papers and so on to be digitised - done a fair bit of this, though totally abandoned it at the moment while I gear up to move house.

But with things like these, I'm either not on track at all, or have already failed completely:

  • Writing once a week (at least) in the blog, including "Out & About Me", book reviews and Globetrotter posts - I've done all these, but forgot about the video clips! Oh well, maybe my A-Z challenge theme this year can count here??
  • NaNoEdMo!! Once again, I forgot all about it
  • Creating one new piece of art per week - I did a few but this is one of those goals I'm "putting off until [insert good time of year to stop putting it off here] ..."
  • Attending one body balance/yoga class per week. Haven't been for months now.

I'm not that depressed about any of it, though. And next year I am looking forward to adopting a different approach to achieving what I want to. :)

How are you faring with your goals so far this year?


  1. At least you're on track with some T.

  2. Oh man... I feel like I've done well up until the summer... now it's like I'm completely drained and am useless! I need the fall to work again! I need a normal schedule! (But I'm with you---I'm not depressed with it--partly because I know I'll get back in my groove soon!)

  3. I was just thinking that right now is not a good time to reassess goals. After the 20th would be better. But it sounds like you are making good progress. The other stuff, well, it'll come. Just give it time.

  4. Trisha-

    One unfortunate (but liberating, once you accept it) reality of life is that your inbox will never be empty and your "to-do" list will always have stuff on it!

    Or as a wordsmith far better than me once said, "the best laid plans of mice and men...." know the rest.

    But if you want the secret to a happy life as a cat owner....feed them first!


  5. Um, not so well. Plenty of them are still achievable, I just have to find the willpower to do so. :P

  6. I'm getting a bit of a burst of productivity from Ready.Set.Write!, but I fear it won't be enough to achieve my goal of a revised novel that's ready to query by the end of Aug. July is going to be cray-cray if I'm going to do it. I keep on pushing. That's the best I can do.

    There's some saying about shooting for the moon and landing in the stars...sounds good to me.

  7. Sounds like you're doing pretty well. Great job. And hey, half the year is still left for the rest of your goal :)

  8. I think you are doing brilliantly!!


  9. Hey Trisha, these posts scare the hell outta me. Always make me feel guilty for not achieving my set goals. I'm concentrating on getting my first finished book published, but this past 2 weeks I've practically done no editing on my novel, but I have written flash fiction.

    I found your new URL, lol, and have you on my blogroll again. You've achieved so much. Don't worry!!


  10. I think you've done very well, considering that you also have your music career which takes up a fair amount of your time... (am I right?)
    Writer In Transit

  11. You are always so ambitious- it amazes me how much you get done!

  12. Good luck with all your goals! I'd like to be done with my WIP by the end of the year, and have been doing pretty well with weekly progress so far. Some weeks I've written as much as 25,000 words. I also at one point was trying to get back into my art, but slacked off on my drawings. I really do want to start doing more regular drawing, even if I know I'm not the next Klee or Picasso.

  13. You won BuNo and read twenty-five books - I think that is awesome!
    There are never failed goals. We just reset them.

  14. Wow. It seems like you're doing really good on most of your goals! That's awesome! Cut yourself some slack ;)

  15. I think you're doing really well!!
    I'm a little behind on some of my goals. I need to put a confetti bomb under myself to get moving ;)


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