Friday, 22 November 2013

Write ... Edit ... Publish (Nov. ed. ~ SHARING)

It's that time again, when a bunch of us get together to participate in Denise Covey's full-of-awesome monthly blogfest, Write ... Edit ... Publish. This month's theme, as the image above suggests, is "SHARING", and here are some of the suggested themes:

  • tell us about your writing in November
  • write a flash fiction piece with SHARING as a theme - maybe an Adam and Eve story?
  • post some pictures to suit the theme (raid Pinterest!)
  • share something memoir-ish about your travels, experiences, your life
  • write a poem that encapsulates SHARING in some way
  • other...?

For me it was pretty easy to choose what to write about this month - NaNoWriMo!

You know, I can't tell you all how happy I am that NaNo has become so immense since the days of its humble inception. Sometimes, great ideas flare for a while, and then burn out. Maybe the great minds that come up with these ideas work so hard and get worn out, with nobody there to take up the slack and keep their great idea alive. Thankfully that didn't happen with NaNo, and I can't see it happening anytime soon. NaNo is basically an institution now!

I've participated since 2002, failing twice and participating "unofficially" one year. Most of my 11 novels have been NaNo-born. And I guess that's a good enough reason for me to love NaNo!

In truth, I seem to do my best work during months like November, when I'm given permission to just write like a nutter. And by "best" I don't mean "really great writing", just that I get a lot of work done. Of course, it never feels like work, per se. It's more like freedom from work, actually. NaNo is my time to slack off from what I probably should be doing (revision, editing, etc.) and do something for the pure exhilarating fun of it. So this month, I haven't been doing hard work at all. I've been having a supreme amount of fun.

During November so far, I've written 83,305 words (and a tiny bit more as of tonight, which I haven't counted up yet. Too busy writing up this post!). I've loved pretty much every second of it.

(I usually forget to share the linky list of all
the participants, but I didn't this time! Here it is)


  1. Wow, that's a lot of words!
    I've only participated once, but it was just the kick I needed to complete the manuscript.

  2. Congrats again on this year's success. I find November a very difficult time to be creative. I suppose in Australia, it's spring and probably pretty. Here in New England, it's late fall and kind of gross. What I really need is a vacation.

  3. Wow! that's some serious word count. Congrats!

  4. Very prolific, Trish! I'm impressed … and a little shamed. LOL

    If NaNo gets you writing, it's done it's job. Congrats on completing it once again!

  5. You've been doing NaNo since 2002? Wow! I haven't even participated in one! lol I hope to one year but this month was too busy with planning the release of my debut eBook on the 25th. Congrats on your amazing word count! :D

  6. NaNo always seems a bit scary for me and November is usually pretty busy for me. Great word count and I admire you doing it.

  7. Congrats on all those words and wow you're a Nano veteran girl!

  8. WOW! That's what I call prolific! Congratulations! I started great but drifted back to a WIP and will have to work really had not to do too much editing but follow the new outline for new words. Still don't know if I'll make it - maybe I should get off here and get back to it. W...E...P always a distraction! LOL

  9. I have yet to do NaNo, but after reading about how much everyone has accomplished, I'm committed to do it next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. That's an awewome effort, well done. Its great that NaNo sets you free to go a little nuts and really enjoy your writing. That's how it should be.

  11. I'm in awe! That's quite an accomplishment. I have never tried NaNo.

  12. I love it! "Write like a nutter." =) NaNo is great! Being that my first book is coming out in January, I'm having trouble keeping up with NANo (I'm writing the sequel). But it's exactly like you said. It gives me an excuse for one month to make writing the priority. My focus isn't to write beautifully, it's to get a rough draft pumped out. Great post! By the way, I have a blog challenge and blog tour coming up for The Labyrinth Wall. Would love it if you can join one :) Totally understand if it doesn't fit your schedule though:

    Have a great weekend =)

  13. Writing doesn't seem like work and I feel half way guilty for setting aside the time for it!

  14. Participated since 2002, wow! And congratulations on having a great month!

  15. That's a FANTASTIC word count!! Congratulations on all your Nano participation and wins. :)

  16. Hello Trish you've done SO well this year. Me, not so well as usual, but there's still a week to go to write nearly 20,000 words, erk! But I've got to work and pack and celebrate with my family and ...everything else. How much time will I have! Never mind. I'm so happy with my story, which I never would have had except for NaNo forcing me to think up new novel ideas. Like you, I LOVE NANO! I thank Chris Baty so much. I started doing NaNo after I read his book - Write a Novel in a Year. He is an institution...but the name should be changed to International Novel Writing Month, as it is now global!
    I can't wait to see some of your books published, Trish. I look on writing novels as learning my craft, and my last two resonate with me that maybe I'm finally getting it! Hope so! Please keep working and maybe you'll hit 100,000 this month! Awesome writing my friend!
    (Sad news of the shark attack at Margaret River, BTW.)

    Thanks for your enthusiastic sharing, Trisha. I so appreciate your support each month.


  17. I'm so glad that you had such a grand time.

  18. Hi Trisha! I wandered over from WEP! Thanks for sharing your NaNo experience with us. I didn't participate this year; taking a break after finishing my degree. You're right about the permission thing. NaNo is like a written excuse to write as much as you please, for as long as you desire and I've completed three rough drafts thanks to previous NaNos. I haven't done anything with them, yet, but it's nice to have them out there so I can edit and polish them when I have the time. Nice to "meet" you!


  19. Trisha you are rocking NaNo! And I'm not surprised. You have that ability to write thousands of words in a short time frame. Plus you thoroughly enjoy it.
    I don't think that you experience NaNo stress...

  20. Kudos to you on your awesome NaNo words! I can see why you love it so.


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