Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mina Lobo's Resurrection II & a NaNo update

Here I was, all ready to prepare my first "proper" NaNo '13 update, and suddenly I saw a link to another blogger's post for Mina Lobo's Resurrection II blogfest. Which I signed up for. So ummm, yeah, I forgot it was on, and for some reason I wrote the date down as having been yesterday (November 6th), but over at Mina's blog it very clearly says November 7th. So I guess I get to participate still! Phew, that was lucky!

Anyway, the thing about my blog is that I don't really write awesome posts that are meant to be recyclable. I just come here and puke out (sorry for the visual) whatever I'm thinking at the time. Or else I slap something on the page that is related to some blogfest or blog hop topic that somebody else came up with. Or I do my own self-imposed regular posts like my Globetrotters posts, my "Out & About Me" posts, etc.. Now, because it's NaNo time right now and I'm madly participating (well, not so madly, but definitely participating), I was gonna just link back to some old post about NaNo (like, from last year, 'cause I participated then too). But then I went back to my November posts and I saw one that I thought was very worth re-sharing. It's this one.

Lately I've talked more about my dad because of my travel posts - Dad took me on an 8-stop world trip when I was 17. But my mum just happens to be totally, completely awesome, and November is not only the month of NaNo, it's the month of my Saggi Mum's birthday. So I figured last year's post about Mum was a very fitting choice for resurrection. :)

Right, now that most of the post has been taken up with pure rambling which passes for participation in the very super awesome Mina Lobo's super-fun blogfest, I will spare a few lines to actually update you on NaNo, as originally intended:

I'm at 18,495 words.
I haven't been writing much, generally around 2-2.5k a day. For me, this isn't a lot.
I'm okay with not writing a lot, 'cause you know, I've been busy at work with huge due-by-year's-end projects, and also I have other stuff to do. Sometimes.
I am really loving my story, even if much of it is crap right now. The story itself is good, I think, so eventually the writing will become good to match the story.
For now, I spew forth and writing comes out.


  1. Good luck with NaNo, but it seems every month is NaNo for you, yes? :) Happy Birthday to your Mum!

  2. Passes for participation to me! Keep writing hard.

  3. Good luck with Nano! You can do it!

  4. Your old post is really touching, a genuine tribute to your mum. I agree about people without a lot of money working very hard for what they've got, and that kids don't need corporal punishment to behave well.

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom, and good luck with NaNo!

  6. Good luck with NaNo! You resurrected a touching post about your mother. I must say, the resemblance between the two of you is striking!

  7. Great tribute to you mom. It was a good post to revive. A post that I did about my mom in 2009 recently appeared in a geneology magazine and that was pretty cool.

    Always good to talk about the parents who did so much for us.

    Special report today on the "Story Sprouts" book launch in L.A.
    Lot's of pictures in this one!

    Tossing It Out

  8. As a mother, I approve of this post you resurrected. ;-) Congrats on sticking with NaNo - wish I had it in me!

  9. Happy early birthday to your mom, she sounds awesome~ And congratulations on your writing!

  10. Like a friend of mine always said, everyone needs a place to puke. Not really, but this is your space and how you go about it is your business. And it looks like you're doing something right, cause it's on fire! :)

  11. Looks like you have almost doubled your word count since you wrote this. Good job. You are rockin the house!


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