Monday, 18 November 2013

Too many words, and I'm glad

It's November 18th, and my NaNo word count is 68,820. I still have a number of juicy scenes to write (by "juicy" I mean dramatic, horrific, sappy, any of that). And I'm pretty sure my word count is going to end up being the usual overbloated type I'm so good at producing.

Sometimes people are daunted by the idea of editing stories that have at least 40k too many words. I know I have been in the past, with some of my other bloated works. ;) But in this case, I'll be glad to have all that extra padding to work with, since I'll have to start things off with some of the old slash 'n burn. I have high hopes of being left with a good amount of quality(ish) wordage afterward. And yeah, I'm already looking forward to revisions, without even having finished the story. But once I've finished, I'll do my usual thing and set the novel aside for a while. Let it stew.

I've got other things I want to achieve before picking this novel back up for revisions (rewriting my novella, reading a new novel I'm beta-ing, and revising at least one of my other novels). But you never know ... the temptation to return to Nora's world earlier than planned might become too great.

For now, I'm still enjoying the slightly shadowy initial journey. And I'm pretty sure this story is gonna end up being one of my favourites.

I hope you're all having a great November!


  1. I always have the opposite issue, where I have no padding. *sigh* I'd rather cut than add to be honest, cuz I never know what to add!

  2. I'm the same as Gwen - I always have to add. I end up around 70,000 words and have to go back and flesh out the story - a lot!

  3. Wow! Congratulations on already making the goal. I'm about half your word count. I haven't had a chance to write all day today, though. Usually I'm quite lean and have little padding, but this time, my characters talk way too much. There's a lot of padding! *LOL*

  4. WOW, that is amazing! Good luck on your NaNoWriMo! It sounds like you are off to a rip roaring start! ♥

  5. Wow! 68,820 words? You are ROCKING the challenge Trisha!
    Writer In Transit

  6. Congrats on meeting NaNo and going way, way over. ^_^ And I know what you mean about being glad you have plenty of words to cut - I overwrite like crazy, so it's always good to know I can take out a ton of stuff and still have the book wholly intact.

    ...especially when it's those lines that I'm really, really glad to cut and make sure no one ever reads. @_@

  7. Fantastic word count. When I overwrite, it's easier cutting, rather than underwriting and having to add so much more.


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