Wednesday, 2 October 2013

[O&AM] Cats vs. dogs

This month I'm going to talk about something very near (literally and figuratively both) to my heart: CATS! More specifically I'm addressing that age-old question: do you prefer cats or dogs? All I can do is answer for myself, but I definitely look forward to seeing what you guys think on the matter (I already know what some of you out there think). So, let's get down to the matter at hand:

Cats vs. dogs

Some people are dog people, and some people are cat people. Sometimes people are just general animal people, with no clear "winner". And of course there are people who just don't like animals at all (I don't understand these people). I guess I don't really understand the universal creature lovers, either, because how can you love a two-inch-long flying cockroach as it zooms straight at your face ready to scuttle around in your hair? EW. But anyway ... moving on.

I'm mostly an animal lover in that I care about the welfare of all animals (I even feel sorry for theose scuttly disgusting cockroaches as they die very slow deaths in my vicinity). But there is one type of animal I love most of all: CATS! Not only do I love cats, but I have a slight aversion to dogs, even though I have known a few that I actually liked. In the contest of cat vs. dog, cats definitely are the winners in my world. And here are some reasons I love cats:

  • they are totally weird (okay, dogs are weird too)
  • they don't smell (well, sometimes my boy cat smells after he's done a stressed-out poo in his carrier after a vet trip)
  • they're not completely needy (welllll, yeah, my boy cat craves attention and walks around the house meowing if something's not quite to his liking)
  • they purr. ha! dogs don't purr! (at least I haven't heard of a dog purring)
  • they don't sniff crotches
  • they don't eat their own poo or spew, or anybody else's
  • they are generally very neat and tidy when it comes to toilet time, i.e. you don't need to carry a poo bag around with you to clean up after them
  • you don't have to bathe them (until they get really old and can't bathe themselves)

I think you get the picture here. I love cats, and while I can admire dogs for their silliness, their cute personalities, and their very cute faces, I definitely prefer them not to be near me. The two dogs I've loved most in the world are dogs that are incredibly well-behaved and placid. And yet there have been dogs associated with my family that were the naughtiest dogs ever to live, and I loved them too. But that's more a case of "you can't choose your family, but you still have to love 'em." :P

Are you a cat person, a dog person, both, or neither?


  1. To be honest? I don't really like cats!
    I'm a dog person!

  2. Definitely a cat person! Love how no one knows to this day why or how they purr!

  3. I like dogs and cats equally.

    I like how cats pretend to be so cool, yet do some of the goofiest things. Then they look at us like 'I meant to do that.' I don't like how they leave us dead gifts to clean up.

    I like how dogs are there for us unconditionally. But they are more time consuming than cats in the maintenance required.

    We have dogs because I have a severe cat allergy. If I didn't, we would have both dogs and cats. So I make do with Facebook and LOL Cats.

  4. Forgot to say I followed you everywhere.

  5. I like both, but I don't like scratched up furniture and dealing with litter boxes, so that's the deciding factor for me. Much easier to open the door and let a dog go out.

    And I prefer an older dog, one out of the puppy stage. We got ours from a rescue shelter and she has turned out to be an awesome pet.

    That said, there's nothing like having a purring kitty curled up in your lap. I do miss that part. :)

  6. PS - Have you seen Misha's kittens?

  7. I like both, but for my current lifestyle (single, live alone) a cat works better (easier to just go away for a few days).

    Cats do have a lot of attitude, which is cool. But dogs can catch frisbees, which is also cool.

    I guess I'm calling it a tie.


  8. My neighbors trained their dogs to do their business in our yard. Any questions?

    (I am SO a cat person.)

    1. They'd get fined for that over here. As a dog owner the law says you have to pick up your dog's poo. Of course, my old neighbours' dog always pooed in my back yard too. She didn't mean to let it, and apologised profusely, but she never got her crap together (pun intended) long enough to come and scoop the poo up. :P

  9. I totally have to have both. I have wrestled with the cats vs. dogs and can never come up with a clear winner, so I have both! Though cats are clear winners if you are busy, live in apartment, or are old and need low maintenance. But then a dog will take a bullet for you and attack an intruder...see? A person needs one of each!

  10. I definitely prefer cats (I'm not so sure about them not being needy, though!). A dog chased me once and I have to say, that's something a cat would never do.

    Except lizards. They freak me out.

    Though as far as ownership, dogs. A duck would rock, too.

  12. I like cats but am allergic. Love dogs too but there are downsides as you point out and right now the landlord won't allow a dog and I don't have time (they require a LOT of time). The thing about cats (most cats) it takes a secure person to have cat- because much of the time they don't really act like they like you (until feeding time or your on the toilet) while you can kick a dog and they still come back for more (most of them). ;)

  13. Definitely cats. No question. And any chance that we might get a dog at home totally went out the window when we got two kittens this summer (to go along with the two cats we already had!)

  14. I'm a cat person too. Even though my cat also does the Loud Meowing when he wants attention. This can be slightly annoying at three in the morning. Ah well. I love him anyway. :)

  15. Cats! Well, I love dogs too...but I only have a cat, and she's my little best friend. She follows me around, she runs to the door to see me when I come home, she catches treats in her mouth in mid-air. I looooove her. But, yeah, the waking me up at 4:30 a.m. or so gets kind of old, but, you know, she's so cute! LOL

  16. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everyone. :D It's nice to meet other cat lovers, though of course I would never hold dog loving against anyone. :P My aunty has a dog who is like her baby, and other people close to my family definitely prefer dogs. Some are happy to have both, and then there's me. Cat lady extraordinaire, and probably slightly phobic of dogs. ;)

  17. Cats aren't totally needy? You've never met my cats. I have one kitten that sits on my shoulder for hours while I'm on the computer because she can't bear not having my attention. Of course I also have cats who can do without my attention because they hate me. (I live on a farm and most of the cats are barn cats.)

    Nissa from The Lina Lamont Fan Club

  18. Hi Trisha .. I'm a both person .. we had cats as kids, but I've grown to love dogs - don't have either now ... not sure what I'd do if I could .. possibly one of each! Cats are independent .. but dogs make you lose weight as you need to walk!

    Cheers and enjoy your furry friends .. Hilary


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