Saturday, 12 October 2013


Here we are for another Globetrotters post, and this time we're bringing the 1998 world trip to a close at last. Before I get on with that, just one quick little note - I started this series back on September 1st, 2011. For the most part I've managed to post a travel "snippet" once a month since then, but next year posts may become a little more sparse. Then again, maybe they won't!

Okay, let's get on with today's post.

Luxembourg & Germany

I'm completely serious when I say these are the only two photos I appear to have from this leg of the journey. Either I lost a film somewhere (highly likely), or I was just too over it all to take more than two photos (unlikely, despite the fact that I was very over it all). I do have a travel journal entry or two from this time, so I thought I'd share some of that writing:

We travelled to Germany overland from France and via Luxembourg. Dad and I spent about ten minutes in that little country [Luxembourg], just so we could say when asked that we’d been there. Then we moved on, Germany in our sights.
We travelled beside the great river, heading steadily north. It was wine country and we tried to find out where we could sample some wines, but nothing was free, so we forgot about it.
Germany struck me as being very green and lush. I guess that’s what generally colder weather will do for a nation. I was no longer used to the browns, reds, yellows and dead grasses of Australia, since I had just travelled through America in the tail-end of winter — places like Oregon and Washington State were what I had in mind as I looked around me [in Germany] — but I still took note of the landscape as decidedly German.

I must tell you now, in hindsight, that I really don't know what a "decidedly German" landscape is like. I guess when I wrote that, I just felt influenced by the knowledge of where I was or something.

Anyway, I am going to wrap this post up now, and admit that I'm feeling a little bit bittersweet about the 1998 trip reminiscence ending! But I have plenty more travel stories to tell, and I will be moving onto those sometime, somehow. Maybe even next month? I'm going to leave you with a couple of photos my dad took during our trip in 1998. They're less landscape and more us (okay, mostly me):

Not sure where this was, but I like the look of dry amusement on my face.

New Zealand - North Island. It really is beautiful. You should go!

In the middle of nowhere, in Australia, trying to figure out where to go next.

With family in New Zealand - I'm on the far left.

This was after my breakdown in Europe, once I had decided to go home early.

Me and a glacier, I'm pretty sure. Probably Switzerland.

Italy, I think. There was an art exhibition with free wine and snacks (of course we were there), a bridge over water, and this photo.

Airport, early on in the trip. Probably Sydney, on our way to NZ.


  1. Those pics are so great! Each one of your facial expressions tells a story. :)

  2. This reminds me of my own road trip in Europe when my grandma came to visit us in Germany, we did something like six or seven countries in a couple of weeks.

    The pictures you have are wonderful, candid shots!

  3. I was thinking of my own journals of traveling while reading yours. I'll bet they were similar. When your young you just don't know how to describe things properly but you think you know what you mean. ;)

  4. Hi Trisha. I love those photos where you forget where you were. Luckily my digital pics have a date on them, so if I can't remember, I can look up my travel diary to see where I was.
    I loved training it through Germany, mainly Bavaria through the Romantic Road. So quaint. Saw frozen lakes and stuff. Amazing for an Aussie. Loved Luxembourg. Stayed for a day or so. Lovely people who speak 5 languages. Is worth a visit if you get back there. Oh, and we trained it through a blizzard between Brussels and Luxembourg. Would not have enjoyed driving!! What an experience!

    Your series has been lovely, but I'm sure you can find some more...


  5. What wonderful pictures! I've been to Germany, but not to Luxembourg. Very, very cool!

  6. Great pics!! I've beento Luxembourg, and I also don'r have ANY pictures from that trip. Everywhere else, but not there. Weird, huh? Maybe the country really doesn't want tourists taking pictures... :)

  7. Oh the sights you have seen! Lucky you! I enjoyed hearing your tale of adventure and seeing your pictures.

  8. Hey Trisha,

    LOVE, love, LOVE the fact you got to do so much travelling with your dad... I'm hoping 1, 2 or all 3 of our boys will want to travel with us later :)

    PS.... thanks for the story about your femur... you cracked me up :)

  9. Yep we did Luxembourg for a day. I got a shirt from there. It's too small for me now. Ho-hum. Germany really is beautiful. I have friends right on the French border and there are vineyards everywhere. SO nice.

    I really want to visit NZ next. Such amazing landscape.

  10. Such awesome memories! We're planning a trip to Germany to visit friends next year. :)


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