Friday, 15 March 2013

Got Green? blog o'Hop 2.0 - I'm just in time!

It's 11:41pm here in Western Australia, so I'm just in time to participate in Mark Koopmans's fun Oirish-themed blog (o')hop mach ii.

First off, I'll link back to last year's entry, where I talked about how I'd never visited Ireland before but would soon be in that very country. I later followed up with a description of what Ireland was like in comparison to what I'd expected (at Mark's suggestion). Turns out I actually had visited Ireland prior to 2012, back in 1980 as a ten-week-old baby. But I have much clearer memories of 2012's visit. hehe. My mum did tell me that I fell off a table somewhere at ten weeks old, though. No wonder I turned out so weird!

Now I have ten minutes of March 15th left, so I better get on with today's entry! I wanted to mention that in Australia, St Paddy's Day is a fairly huge deal. We throw big parties over here and there is a lot of drinking and obnoxious behaviour (so very Aussie of us). Australia also has a big Irish population, with more and more immigrating every year. So those guys are out in full force on their national day. So, yeah, it's a big party night here...which may explain why I'll be happy as a pig in mud on Sunday night, at home alone. :)

Happy St Paddy's Day for Sunday everyone!! And now that there are nine minutes left of March 15th, I'm off to brush my teeth and get some sleep!


  1. Australia doesn't have the market cornered on drinking and obnoxious behavior...we have plenty of that going on in America, too.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

  2. I imagine you don't remember anything from your first visit! I went into Mexico when I was a baby, but I didn't claim it until we took a cruise there several years ago.

  3. I'm always thinking about what other countries do during certain holidays! Was cool reading a little about the Aussie version of Paddy's Day. As Mark mentioned above, sounds pretty similar to what we do here in the States. :)

  4. There's a lot of partying here in the States, too, but I've never celebrated (shsh, I'm Scottish and czech).

    I liked reading about your trip to Ireland. What fun!

  5. I'm with EJ~ it was cool to hear what another country does to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! I grew up in Chicago, where they dye the river green, but there's not much festive activity around small-town Colorado :)

  6. Loved hearing about both your trips to Ireland, someday I hope to travel there too. I'm thinking Aussies don't need much incentive to play and party :) Can't go wrong there.


  7. Hey, maybe falling off an Irish table is lucky in some way. You never know. :P

  8. *raises a pint of Guinness*

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya! :)

  9. Australia and America must be like mortifying cousins for the Brits...the kind who drink too much and talk too loud...but they have to cringingly admit we share a heritage.


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