Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Session #5, plus miscellany

Here we are again for a Sunday Session, in which I share what music I've listened to most this last week. And I will say that this week I've listened to a fair bit of new music, and yet the #1 I've been spinning (on iTunes and my iPod) is not new to me.

The song is "Eyesore", by a band called Women. I can't really remember how I found the song or the band, but I have a feeling it was by looking at "Similar Artists" on (similar to who? I can't remember that either!). for me is a great source of new music. There is just something about this song that I find magical. You have to listen to the whole song (yes, it's kind of long) to hear what I'm talking about. And it may well be just me, but I just love the outro to the song. It's gorgeous! Anyway, that's the song I listened to most this week, with a close runner up being from Tool.

Now, for the miscellany promised in this post's title:

  • Although I haven't changed any of my blog settings, I suddenly cannot edit posts (etc.) directly from my blog's "front" face. I have to actually go into the Dashboard or the Design area and edit from there. It irritates me.
  • My travels this year have been delayed by a week, cutting into my A-Z blogging challenge time even further than they were before. I'm going to have to pre-write and schedule my posts (and hope that Blogger doesn't mess with me). True to my pantser form, I prefer to write blog posts with very little (or no) prior planning. So this feels unnatural to me.
  • I'm on track with my weekly goals, and yet every time I feel that I have the chance to get ahead, I slack off and squander the opportunity! At least I can say my procrastination skills are as finely honed as ever!
  • My head cutty cutty-ness #2 is over and done with, my sutures are out and I feel mostly human again. But only mostly! hehe
  • I reached 400 followers! Thank you so much everyone who follows my blog. I will say on this note that, in the early days of this blog, I wasn't aware that it was etiquette to follow everyone back that followed you (where it was possible to find their blog, at least) a lot of people who follow me may not have been followed in turn. If that's you, let me know and I shall endeavour to hunt you down (did that sound creepy?).
  • For those who participated in the Critique my Blog blogfest, I haven't got around to all your blogs yet, but I will be doing so in the next little while. And thank you to all who gave me critique. I have implemented some changes as a result already, and intend to think about doing more as well.
  • I like chocolate.
Okay, that's about it for now, so I'm going to sign least after wishing all of you a very happy remainder of your weekends!


  1. I can so empathise with the procrastination and the good intentions. Glad your head is healing. Maybe this isn't your creative writing time. I find the weather has a huge influence on my writing creativity and so it seems my hormones!
    CONGRATS ON 400+ followers. Yay! Sorry to hear that blogger is messing with you too. Aarrgh! I know how frustrating that can be.

  2. Congrats at reaching 400 followers! I love chocolate, too.
    Oh, and your blog looks great. : )

  3. Honestly, I'm going to come to Australia and steal your iPod someday. Congrats on reaching all your goals and honing your procrastination skills. It sounds like your week was productive. ;)

  4. I know that you used to be able to set how you edit posts from the "Layout" menu; at least for the version of blogger I use ( under Edit for the Blog Posts section there's a "Show Quick Editing" with a pencil symbol, which puts the symbol back onto the bottom of your posts when you're logged in.

    Congratulations on your goals and 400 Followers! :)

  5. I've had blogger problems too. Ways I used to update aren't there anymore. Why do all these companies keep making us upload the NEW changes that totally mess with us? Its a conspiracy to keep us from "getting ahead" on our schedules - always making us devote our time to learning something new so they can change it again.


  6. I'm still on the fence with the A to Z thing.
    it's EXHAUSTING.

    I do write tons of posts and just let them sit in my posts, and then put up whatever I'm in the mood for in any given day, so scheduling isn't a problem.

    It was fun last year, and my posts were all pretty short. I dunno . . .
    I will probably decide last minute.

  7. @Madeleine - thank you! As for weather, here it's a bit too hot for comfort (today is nice, but we're in for more gross weather soon!).

    @Emily - thank you on all counts! :D

    @Madeline - you may not want to steal it till I have my new one. hahaha. This one is all cracked, and is only 8GB. I'm going to get a 32GB one soon!

    @Eagle - I don't think I'm using that version...or if I am, I think the settings are different now. I did solve one problem though, by switching to the new editor options. But my 'quick edit' problem persists. :(

    @Donna - It's very very annoying! And I think they do all these changes just to annoy us!

    @Jolene - I know what you mean about the A-Z. I was exhausted last year. But then, I didn't schedule anything or pre-plan most of it.

  8. A-Z is like running a marathon with your fingers. I am already starting to think about and write posts. I agree with you as it is not my style to write posts in advance but I know I will not make it if I don't. So I'm trying to be spontaneous thru the next two months. :-) I am going to miss GFC. It is so wrong of them to take it away from us Wordpress people. I still have a blog on Blogger but my main on is on WP now. Thank Goodness they haven't messed with Reader yet! I have no real critique. I like the simplicity and readability of your header. I haven't read enough to comment on content but I have been intrigued by the post titles so far.

  9. Ooh, 400 followers. Congrats! *applauds wildly*


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