Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Maybe I won't set any goals in 2015?

After this year's hits and misses, it's definitely time to re-think my approach. But that's nothing new, I guess - at the end of every year, it's the time to reassess. I have set goals every year since starting my blog, and every year has turned out differently.

I guess you guys know what it's like to reassess every year, and maybe change or at least tweak your approach in the new year. I've done that so far I think, but in 2015 I'm thinking I might try something entirely new: just taking on one random task at a time. Who knows? I may end up with another slacker year like this one, but I may actually get one thing achieved that I've wanted to achieve for ages now. You never know. ;)

I should probably still have a list of things I could work on, and then I can throw a dart at it and hit a random agenda item. ;) e.g.
  1. Finish 2014 NaNo novel
  2. Finish editing SQUEAKY (so not appealing)
  3. Send some photo submissions to Vine Leaves
There's a good start. Three things to achieve, and two of them are relatively easy.

Anyway, these are my current thoughts about how I might approach 2015.

What are your plans for the new year?


  1. Even if you're not excited about one of them, the others sound great!

  2. I've always been someone to roll with the punches. The benefit to not having set goals, is that you're looking out for opportunities. 2014's been great for me, largely because I've spotted random opportunities and just jumped in. Best of luck for 2015, and enjoy winging it!

  3. I noticed that my biggest progresses are always things I didn't plan for, so my goal for next year is: I want to be surprised :)

  4. Create realistic goals, and not too many of them, helps us meet them. I like the three goals/to-dos you listed. Good luck with them! :)

  5. No plans yet.

    I mean tbh I do have plans. They've been fermenting in my head these last few months in particular, but I'm still working out the wording. I'm hoping to have them ready to go by the next Update Day.

    As for those goals you got there so far, they're looking great! For NaNo I wrote a fanfic, but I'm still working on it because I just want to finish it (I have WAY too many unfinished projects filling up my USBs). But what are 'Vine Leaves' if you don't mind me asking?

    Now what are your plans for Christmas, Trisha? :D
    I'm personally itching to watch the final Hobbit film, but I have to wait a bit until my sister's off for the holidays from her job and we can all make a sibling thing out of it.

  6. Hi Trisha - you've done loads this year .. singing and records, as well as writing .. it's planning and organising .. and I'm not brilliant at doing that .. I must make some plans before the end of the year ..

    Cheers and good luck with all you're doing .. Hilary

  7. Until now I've set myself sensible achievable tasks and that's worked reasonably well. For 2015 though I'm going to focus more on the overall goal and aim as I tend to get lost in the details and forget where I want to be heading.


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