Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Write ... Edit ... Publish ~ THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD (Mar.)

It's that time of the month again when we participants in the WEP get together and share our thoughts on the monthly theme, set by Denise Covey. This month's theme is as follows:

What comes to mind for the March WEP challenge - Through the eyes of a child? Rewriting a passage from a child's POV? A montage of images through the eyes of a child? A poignant or exhilarating poem? A non-fiction piece told from a child's POV? The possibilities are limitless! 

I thought about this briefly, and came up with the idea to share some diary entries I wrote when I was in primary school:

January 1 - 1/01/1991
The first day of 1991 We are going to Lake Leschenaultia. Annie is comeing.

January 13 - 13/01/1991
Today Annie goes home Bye Annie

January 23 - 23/01/1991
We are going to kings park Today to do bike riding, it is free.

January 24 - 24/01/1991
Today we are going to rottnest We're getting gloucouse lollies to take there

March 31 - 31/03/1991
Today is Easter Sunday. I'll get lots of EASTer eggs

May 29 - 29/01/1991
Sure, the turtles are only half human, but I don't know what makes me like them.....
He seems sensible and witty. He does take things seriously, although he does often long for a hang out with a pretty gal. I really admire him.
He's a fat pig. But he's real good. angry
DON Don is never angry. I like him.
Raph. Raph stores the most radical JOKES.

May 30 - 30/05/1991

May 31 - 31/05/1991
OLIVIA'S Birthday I KNOW ANOTHER SECRET, ESY'S FAVOROUT COULOR IS GREEN some people are strange ? MEANIG meaning Estelle

June 10 - 20/06/1991
Today is 2 days before Jakes birth day

July 10 - 10/07/1991
Today is Jesse's birth day. he is 10

July 25 - 25/07/1991
Today is my birthday. I am 11 years old.
July 26 - 26/07/1991

Mum, I saw anelec-trec train go by. and Mum, I thought, I could take you for a ride. Oh oh yeah Mum, I saw, an eletrec train go by. and mum, yeah, with a flash of mind my brillient mind. I saw on the time table ooooooh the price of the tickets, woh ho yeah, It s said on a ticket, lieing on the groud ground, enjoy the joyride, your body is bound.

August 1 - 1/08/1991
Today we are goin' to Dwellingup with Carlos and Olivia and it will be fun. We are nearly there now. I can see little roads in the hills and the lambs are just sitting. We can see Caliminos and chestnuts. It is great here because I got a bunk and I'm on the top! James can't have his way! We are goin' to the river soon and I have green bathers.

My favourite has always been the last one, with the "little lambs just sitting". But there are more I haven't got around to transcribing yet. Most of the time it was just boring stuff like "Today is Jesse's birthday, he is 10", or "Today we are going to King's Park." :P

I also wanted to link back to a post I put up back in Feb 2012, for the Origins blogfest. In this post I shared a bunch of primary school art, and sometimes stories I'd written that were accompanied by art. So that post can be found HERE.


  1. Trisha, loved this entry. All those excursions will have everyone jealous. I loved cycling around Rottnest Island a couple of years ago! And I hope you get to Tasmania. I lived there for 18 months. Beautiful place. Very Scotland.
    I also checked out your Origins post. Loved it too. Very apt for the blogfest this month.

    Thank you so much for posting for WEP. Your entries are always interesting and often entertaining.


  2. I too love the "little lambs just sitting"! Very evocative, the true voice of childhood, straight and no-fuss poetic.

  3. It reminds us of how a child views things, and what was catching your attention during that age span. That's a great way of expressing a child's viewpoint.

  4. Hi Trisha .. interesting to read your entries .. and you've kept them. Now your imagination can wander with them ... Annie went home on my birthday! I used to ride around our village .. all over the place - those were the days when we could - less traffic and just freedom to ride .. with a bell and a speedometer to see how fast I was going.

    You certainly had lots of outings ... fun reading and brings back memories to being that age (all those years ago!) ... cheers Hilary

  5. Interesting snapshot of you and those around you at that age. I wish I had kept my diaries.

  6. There was a kind of rhythm to your entries, very child-like and familiar. I kept a journal as well when I was in my teens and twenties. I like going back and seeing who I was as compared to how I remember myself or what I did... Thanks for sharing.

  7. I think I like the character break down of the turtles the best. You were doing your writer prep young!

  8. Thanks for sharing this. Such an air of honesty and atmosphere of innocence. It's great. I'd forgotten how important secrets are to kids!

  9. I love your secrets Trish. I agree with Jenny definitely an honest innocence in your young writing. You entertained with your words from when you were little.

  10. A lovely entry of your young diary with the snippets of what is important to you, a great nostalgic feeling.

  11. This is a great entry for this WEP theme Trish. I love your breakdown for each of the Turtles. Don was always my favourite :-)

  12. A sweet post, reading a diary is always fun !

  13. Fun to read complete with spelling mistakes and all those secrets young children enjoy with the clear identification of who is liked or not. :O)


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