Thursday, 6 March 2014

IWSG #4 - When you fall behind

Hi guys. Sorry I'm posting slightly late - it's the 6th over here by now, but I know for many of you it will still be the 5th, so maybe it counts. :D Anyway, today for the IWSG I don't really have much to say, except that I guess I'm now 2 days behind in my revision goals, or more like 2.5 days. I've had appointments after work twice this week and then last night I got home and realised my cat's shoulder is out of joint (literally) again - he had a big operation last year. So today I have to take him to the vet and hope he doesn't need a leg amputation after all!

Anyway, when it does come to my revisions, I feel that I've been doing pretty well. But it can be rather daunting when I get to a chapter that needs a great deal of work, i.e. not just editing but largely rewriting. I've had one chapter so far that needed a fair bit of rewriting, and the one I'm stuck on right now needs to be entirely rewritten (I'm halfway through it). I guess it just feels like your momentum stalls, and in fact one could say mine's been stalled for 2.5 days now. But I blame my after-work appointments and my cat.

Just kidding. Really, I blame myself 'cause I could have squeezed more revision work in there somewhere. So will I be getting back on the bandwagon this evening? Wellll, I'm going out for dinner after going to see about my broken phone, so ... I dunno. ;)

P.S. I've been paper editing, and also editing one chapter at a time, over and over until I'm satisfied with what I've done. The paper edit part isn't new to me, but the one chapter at a time thing certainly is.


  1. Editing takes time and can be a pain. Good luck! :)

  2. Sorry about your cat. Hope he doesn't lose his leg.
    Sometimes life happens and sometimes all we can do are tiny portions. Hope you're back into it on Thursday.
    And no worries on being late! Still plenty of Wednesday left here.

  3. I'm so sorry for your kitty cat...
    Good luck with the chapter edits... everyday we learn something new!
    Writer In Transit

  4. Good luck on your editing (and rewriting). The knowledge that what I'm about to write is going to need major rewriting often causes me to balk. I must find a way past that hang-up. Glad to see you're making progress.

  5. I'm sort of edited out, too. But the proofreader and the formater are waiting, tapping their feet, so...

    IWSG #268 (until Alex culls the list again or I goof and get myself deleted. :P)

  6. Trish, this sounds exciting. I took a day by myself and printed out my whole ms for the second time, then read it all in one day and added stickers to bits I needed to improve on. Good thing is, I'm nearly ready to send novel number 5 to a manuscript, once I learn how to write a synopsis/query that is as the manuscript assessor will check them too. Feels like progress, huh?

  7. Good luck with continuing your editing. Don't feel too bad, these things happen to stall us on our way.
    I hope your cat gets better :-)

  8. Always better late than never!

    Hope you cat gets better. That sounds painful.

  9. I can relate to this. I was recently in a holding pattern in part due to illness and boy am I glad to be moving forward again!

  10. So sorry about your kitty! I hope he is much better now.


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