Sunday, 16 February 2014

A slight blogging slump

This was a screenshot from a few weeks ago,
but we do see a touch of it here and there still.
Summer can last almost 6 months here,
and I hate almost every second of it.

I actually wrote the bulk of this post near the end of January, but took it down when I realised I had another blogging commitment that very day. But I thought I'd post it now as it still feels fitting, considering I haven't put up a post here in 6 days!

Soooo, I am not in any hurry to post here at my blog lately. Maybe I'm still struggling to emerge from the daze that was the Christmas/New Year holidays. We also just had another public holiday here (Australia Day, for those who are curious, falls on Jan 26th every year). So I had yesterday off work and did yet more lazing about watching DVDs.

But probably one of the biggest miseries right now is the weather. To say the last I'm feeling a little drained - maybe baked or fried or desiccated are more appropriate words? Like every year in January, I am dying for autumn to come back around. I've shared my sentiments on this matter before, i.e. "I ... hate the sun (though I know I need it)". So far this year, WA's summer has been pretty mild, but we've still had some revolting 44c (111f) days. Plus, it seems to get more humid every year. One might consider that an effect of global warming, which our wondrously 21st century Prime Minister denies the existence of. Or maybe it's just the natural cycle of climate change. Either way, it blows. And it's one more reason why I just want to hide out till autumn comes.

Maybe as the weather cools and my holidays get further and further away, I will switch over to being more motivated to write here. I think it will definitely help when I actually get stuck into rewrites/revisions properly. I'll have something to talk about then - even if it's nothing good. ha.

So that's my update for now - just wanted to touch base. I hope you guys are all having a great January!

Update now that it's mid-February - I still get this 'slumpy' feeling, and am struggling to do my revision work. I think what happens is I might have a night or two in a row where I can't do the work because I have other commitments, and then I just lose the plot after that. But I'm determined to get some work done today - it's Sunday and after I come back from my body balance class, I don't have anything else on all day!


  1. 44 C is pretty toasty, we got up to around 43 summer before last where I'm at and it was pretty brutal. I still prefer that to the -20 C or so we've had this winter though. It doesn't usually get that cold here. Stupid weather.

    And I tend to think we make the dumbest people our leaders. One of the problems of democracy I think. Stupid is really attractive. Our state legislature just put a bill up for vote that would offer legal protection to any businesses that refuse to serve a person because of their sexual orientation.

    Let me rephrase that, they want to make it legal to allow shop/restaurant owners to have 'no gays allowed' signs in their windows and not serve people they suspect of being homosexual.

    The name of this bill is 'the religious freedom act'.

    They've also threatened (the state legislature again) to remove all tax incentives if Volkswagen allows their labor force at the plant in the state to unionize.

    I'm pretty sure that's not legal. VW wants their workers to be unionized, they like dealing with a body that represents them. Somehow it's turned into a weird, borderline, illegal series of threats from the state to stop it.

    I get so depressed. The world has gone insane.

    1. I get depressed as well - my state government here is the one responsible for starting the cull of sharks, including some endangered species!! He's a ******* jerkface and makes me want to cry.

    2. I'm with you there, Trish. What a limp fish of a Prime Minister. Shark culling! Ugh! Even the surfers etc are against it. Now he's trying to remove the freedom of the press, but I wonder how long it is since our press has been free to comment on the crazy politics of this country!

  2. I just googled what your Celsius is equal to in our Fahrenheit and I'm in shock. I think I know why you're in a's too hot! OMG!

    Is it weird that you all have been having this intense summer, while we've been having this crazy snowy winter?

    I wonder if Hawaii has had a sudden population increase...

    1. Yeah, it's pretty foul - particularly when we live on the coast so it's meant to be cooler here. :P

  3. Yes, I'm hearing you sister! I'm thinking of doing a 'heatwave' post as I'm so over hearing about Polar Vortexes and UK dastardly weather. Not only is it unbearably hot, there's the added element of bushfires raging in Victoria and flooding in parts. Phew! These last couple of days in Brisbane have been soooo bad. I can't even think about writing as my sweet little office Geo built me only has an overhead fan! So today I'm glad I have files of flash fiction I've already written in cooler days! I thought I'd come to the state library early so I can write in the air conditioning and use free wi-fi into the bargain. I've got to be here by 2pm anyhow, to teach.

    So our projected weather report is for this heatwave to end in sight. Roll on autumn...


  4. I have snow up to my bum. How about we swap for a day, or maybe a week...heck, let's go a month! By the time I get back to the US, spring should be coming.

  5. I hope you feel better now. Nature has finally decided it's done frying us (at least it's gotten cooler in the North West province) but like you, I'm so over the summer!

  6. Hi Trisha ... when I left South Africa it had been hot hot hot .. and I came back to a hot UK summer - bliss, but too much for me! I was desperate for cool .. now I'm looking forward to some dry ..

    The weather is crazy isn't it ... hope it's settled down for you .. cheers Hilary


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