Saturday, 1 December 2012

A pinch and a punch [with NaNo verdict]

Do you think anyone's ever actually PUNCHED someone 'cause it's the first of the month?

I just watched a ten-minute video on beginner's algebra, and now my brain is sore. WHY, you ask? Well, I enrolled in this free Coursera course on Astronomy (LOVE), and though it's only an introductory course, it still requires that we have high school level algebra skills. Yikes! I don't even have toddler algebra skills! But I'm going to give it a try anyway, 'cause I don't want to fail without at least trying. Wish me luck! ;)

Tomorrow is the start of my blogfest, and I will posting on that day! But for today I want to mention how I did in NaNo for 2012. My final word count, achieved on Day 29 (I did no writing at all on Day 30, except to change the capitalisation of one word), was 110,301. I'm pretty content with that, though I know there's a fair bit of waffling crap I need to take out and replace with other crap that matters. I am not even going to touch this thing for a good while. For now, I've achieved my NaNo goal and also my DAPHNE rewriting goal, so I'm satisfied. And now it's time to move onto all the other 2012 goals I have yet to achieve this year! I have a month, so the clock's tickin'!

Happy December, everyone!!

Remember, there's still a bit of time to sign up for my blogfest, if you want! And thank you to everyone who's advertised it on their blog or elsewhere! I really appreciate it! :)


  1. Glad to see you did so well during NaNo, Trisha! If you need any help with the Algebra, let me know. I'm currently in Pre-AP Algebra II so it's all fresh on my mind. :)

    I'm going to go check out your blogfest.

  2. yeah, excited for the blogfest, but not math...gross. hahaha...i'll be a few days late, but i'm still gonna do it because you rock girl!!

  3. Math isn't my thing so can't help you there but well done on your NaNo word count that sounds brilliant!

  4. Yay for your success with NaNoWriMo!

  5. Thanks ladies! I've done absolutely NO writing today, December 1st (except this blog post of course), but I'm okay with it. Been vegetating and eating instead. ;)

  6. Congrats! That's a crap load of words! I'm a NaNo loser this year, but I think I'm gonna do my own NaNo in January, when there's nothing else but post-holiday fumes :)

  7. Hi Trisha!
    I was so pleased that you commented this morning on my blog.
    I laughed out-loud at your first question,--Do you think anyone's ever actually PUNCHED someone 'cause it's the first of the month?
    Yup, is my answer.
    A huge congratulations on not only completing NaNoWiMo, but getting over 110,000 words down.
    Glad to hear you're going to let it simmer.
    Have a happy day and all the best on your blog hop. :-D

  8. Congrats! Your word count is wildly impressive. I barely scraped 50K myself. :)

  9. I have toddler level math abilities too. See you tomorrow at the blog fest!

  10. I think it's great that you're furthering your education with the online course. I've been wanting to do this. There are so many great opportunities on the internet that are absolutely free. It's better than watching garbage on TV or playing video games I think.

    I've got my pictures ready for the Blogfest. Now I need to add a few words of text and I'm ready to go.

    Wrote By Rote

  11. Good luck remembering algebra for the astronomy class!

    And you did awesome with NaNo!

  12. Good luck with Astronomy! I started out with an Astronomy major in college, but after Calculus 3, I had to bail. Yet I loved my actual Introductory Astronomy class. Very interesting subject.

    Congrats on the awesome NaNo results!

  13. Dang, 110K words! I am seriously impressed! Brava!!!

    I gots my post all ready for your blogfest, W00000T!

    LOL, "toddler algebra skills." And algebra, BLERCH! :-D Good luck with your class!
    Some Dark Romantic

  14. 110K words??? Wow. I thought I was fast. haha. You go girl!

  15. 110,000 words. Isn't that a bit under what you did last year? Really Trisha, I expected more...

    hahaha (I crack myself up!)

  16. WOW! Great word count! Congratulations!
    And good luck with the class! Glad I came here today - I needed a reminder about the blogfest. I need to put something together!


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