Thursday, 11 May 2017

When inspiration strikes

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You know how sometimes you're really busy with all sorts of non-writing-related stuff, and you're getting more and more exhausted and you know you need a holiday? Well, my next holiday's not till late July, and I'm definitely weary, but I have also been struck by the compulsion to write. That's not even including the fact that I'm eager to edit basically every work I've written so far (novels, at least). No, this is about writing something new.

Well, sort of new. I'm compelled to write yet another SUNDOWN-related story. So I've started that. I should be editing what I already have, like I've sworn to do. But this story I'm writing is filling a gap that needed filling - it's the story of Jared and Jenna and their love...and their ultimate grisly demise.

I don't know what it is about this series that always pulls me back, but there sure is something! So I'm writing the story of Jared and Jenna, and it's flowing really well so far. I know how it ends, so that's not a problem. I know a lot of what goes on throughout, but I had to think for a while about what point to start at. I had one false start, before settling on where it should all begin - their actual first meeting.

It may end up being a novella, which is fine with me. Once it's done, that'll be another main gap in this series filled, and I can move onto editing everything and anything.


  1. Certain stories and characters do that - pull us back. Sounds like you need a little refreshing, so go for it.

    1. Yep, I definitely do! I guess anything that means I'm able to do something creative at the moment is a good thing!

      Thanks for visiting :)

  2. You may as well follow the inspiration and not fight it. The story will just nag at you if you don't.

  3. You should always take time out to refill the creative well!

  4. Definitely grab onto inspiration when it hits!

  5. Hi Trisha - well done ... the series sounds like you're passionate about it - and that will bring your readers in. Well done and enjoy the writing of their story ... cheers Hilary

  6. You have to pause on the agenda every now and then to keep your writer spirits up, eh? Follow that writerly love, and no matter the length, it will be exactly what was needed.

  7. Very cool! Keep the pen to the page. Rock on!


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