Friday, 29 May 2015

[May Update] GOALS & Cephalopod Coffeehouse

I have wanted to read this book pretty much from the moment I heard about it and first saw the cover. I finally got around to it this month, and promptly ordered books 2 & 3 as well (I'm now reading book #2). It was a good book, really enjoyable and easy to devour, though I probably can't say it's the most mindblowing book I've ever read. But all in all I thought it was great, and I would absolutely love to see a movie of it.

The story was fast-paced and gripping, and the characters were people I could really get behind. I saw another review that suggested the characters seem a lot older than they are in reality - but I don't know about that. They live in a world that has made them harder and more 'grown up' than a typical teenager in our world, so I found it believable. But maybe I'm too far removed from my own teenaged years to really be able to comment on that with accuracy.

Anyway, all in all I recommend this book if you like futuristic settings, YA drama / action, and kick-arse characters. And just for the record, book #2 is continuing the theme of books I would LOVE to see on the big screen.

I don't want to talk about it.

No, really.

Okay, I did get ONE thing done since my last update - I went to a writer meeting, and actually did some editing! I didn't get through an entire chapter, but still, I did some editing. And it felt good.

I worked on ON THE OUTSIDE, my 2013 NaNo novel that has been stewing for a while now. I've been reading it on my Kindle over and over again (mostly reading this bit, then that bit, then an earlier bit, jumping all over the place) and basically letting all the things I want to change and fix sink into my brain. So I'm going to have those things in mind while editing.

I haven't gone to the writer's meeting since, but I totally want to. I just need to have weekends where I have nothing else on at all, so I am emotionally prepared for going somewhere on the Sunday.

That hasn't happened in quite some time.

Anyway, at least I have something to report this time other than the usual "foster cats have taken over my life!" line.


  1. Your progress might not seem like a lot to you, but to me, it looks rather significant. Well done! :-)

  2. Legend sure sounds like a winner. Best of luck with the goals next month.

  3. Your review is very good. I'm glad you enjoyed your book so much, and it's great that you did some editing.


  4. Sometime we read just for the joy an exciting fun book.
    It must have been a great read for you to buy the next two.
    To get my brain working again I read some Agatha Christie and then a Tony Hillerman. Great easy reading.
    Wonderful review.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Even a little progress is still progress, and we all know how real life can take over. Good luck for June.

  6. That is a fantastic cover and sounds like a good read. Writers events....I really should go to more myself. I usually just have solo cafe writing time, but meeting others is nice too.

  7. Cool book. I've been meaning to hit that series.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. It's possible you got more done this month than me, at least as far as writing goes.

  9. Just catching up with the 5 Year Goal blog hop. I sympathise with your lack of progress. I think I would do anything to get out of editing and rewriting! Good luck, but keep going, and I'm sure you will get there in the end.


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