Friday, 15 May 2015

I was away, now I'm back

My "R" theme was Reflections, but
another possible theme I was
considering was "Roads".
After the A to Z finished, I managed to put up my reflection post, and then I had to prepare for a work trip. I'm back from that trip as of tonight, and the weekend to come is going to be filled with collecting all my kitties back (my two, and some foster kitties).

I have yet to continue with my blog visiting catch-up, but I still plan on doing that. Meanwhile I have actual homework to do, because I'm doing a course in PHP & APIs during this month of May.

I also have a presentation at work to prepare for, this Tuesday, and I won't have a car all week because I got rear-ended a few weeks ago and the car needs to be at the shop for a whole week.

Another "Road" photo I would have included.
Hopefully some time soon I will actually have more writing stuff to talk about. I will say that I went to one Sunday session a few weeks back, and it was great. I did get stuck into revising one of my projects that's been stewing a while. But I haven't been able to get back since. That's yet another thing I fully intend on doing more of in the relatively future.

So there is all that. But I'm here basically to say hi, and to let you all know that I truly do want to be here more! ;)


  1. Welcome back! Good luck with your course and presentation.

  2. Great to see you pop up! Preparing for work stuff always takes time, but no doubt you'll be happy to be back to word stuff!

  3. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate, sometimes things get in the way but it'll settle down soon, I hope. Hope the presentation goes well!

  4. Hi,
    There are times when your plate is simply full. I know you've heard this before, but take one step at a time and come back when you came.
    Visiting from IWSG.
    Patricia at Everything Must Change

  5. Hi Trisha .. I know you've written another post .. and kitties are back and you've done some editing .. but as Nick says you've got lots going on ... good luck to you and all the work stuff - those preparations etc ...

    Cheers and I'm on a blogging break til the Autumn .. doing a tidy up blogging area first .. cheers Hilary


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