Monday, 9 March 2015

One big step closer

Since early January I've been trying to sell my car - and haven't had much luck. In fact I got no calls or inquiries about it until early March or so. I finally sold it last week though, for quite a bit less than it was worth - but I was just happy to see it gone.

Waiting to sell my car has meant waiting for many other things, too. Such as:

  1. Getting a haircut! (no really... I haven't gone to the hairdresser since March, 2012)
  2. Getting a decent camera - move on up from the point & shoot!
  3. Buying my ticket to the US/Canada for September this year (my bro invited me to the Foo Fighters show in Washington, "the gig of a lifetime" he said - how could I resist that?)
  4. Renewing my passport(s) - yes, both are lapsed!

The main thing I really want to do, though, is get my little 'corner of the room' office area sorted in my room. I need to get a corner desk, and the long-term goal is to buy an iMac to put on that desk.

For now, I will settle for the desk ... and maybe some nice stationery. ;)

P.S. I just did some editing. That's a rarity right now in my life. And now it's bedtime.


  1. Getting things in order in such a good feeling, and lots of positives going on in your life :) Stay the course! _\)

  2. Glad you sold the car!
    I heard the Foo Fighters put on a good show. You'll have a great time with your brother.

  3. Well, I'm glad you shifted it and can get your other stuff sorted. Enjoy your trip and gig and a corner desk sounds lovely!

  4. Congratulations on selling your car, too bad you didn't get full price.

    I think coming to the US to see your brothers and the Foo Fighters is epic and must be done!

  5. Hooray for a car sale, a new desk, and some editing! It sounds like things are moving forward. :)

  6. I've been wanting to get a good camera for the longest time! I'm glad you were able to do some things you've been wanting to do. :)

  7. Wishing you all the best and hope you get the car sold to fulfill all these other stuff that need doing!

    And Yay! for the editing!

  8. Good luck with all that!

  9. Although... Getting a hair cut is always on my list because I trust like no one. Ever. Hahaha. Good luck selling the car!!

  10. So glad you finally were able to sell it. That had to be a relief. Hope you are able to check all of these things off your list now. :)

  11. Hi Trisha .. so pleased you've sold the car and thus set new things in motion - and how fantastic to be going to the States in September ... that will be so much fun ... enjoy the newness of differences .. cheers Hilary

  12. Three years without a haircut! That would mean a serious afro for me.

    Glad you managed to sell your car - must be a load off your mind.


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