Thursday, 15 May 2014

1 kitten down, 3 to go ;)


Last night my foster kitty Batman's new mum
(and new little human brother ;)) came to pick him up.
It was sad to say goodbye, but I think he'll settle in well.
I hope he will, anyway. Fingers crossed!
He settled in immediately when I first picked him up as a foster,
so I don't doubt he'll do the same in his "furr"ever home.

To celebrate my time with Batman I wanted to share a few pics:

Yup, he is a total cutie. :)
Anyway, that's 1 kitty down and 3 to go.
Batman's sister Champagne is adorable as well,
and the two scaredy fosters I have are coming along nicely.
In truth, part of me is relieved that Batman is gone,
because he ate the lion's share of food each morning/night,
and my budget could use a break from that. ;)


  1. He is SO CUTE! And the name BATMAN is perfect for him! Love it! That's awesome you had a foster kitty.

    1. He is adorable. He was very patient with the kids as they patted his head and so on. But then, they were pretty mild, gentle kids, so maybe that helped. ;)

      Still got 3 more fosters to get adopted out. It's so tempting to keep them all, but I already have 2 of my own cats, so can't keep even ONE more... :P

  2. Batman looks totally adorable Trisha. I hope you have visiting rights. Now you'll be able to afford more champagne!

    1. Yessss, champagne! (not the kitteh but the drink. hehe) I am going to get some red sparkling wine for this weekend. yay! :)

  3. He is adorable. I think he will do well in his new home. He seems pretty laid back, especially in the sun.

    1. Yeah, he was the most laidback of all my fosters. Always the first to trot up to a visitor and say hi. :)

  4. He is a cutie. I don't think I could do the foster thing. I like animals and I wouldn't want to give up any of them.

  5. This is probably the first and last time I'll be able to write this sentence, but awwww, Batman is so cute. :)

  6. Looks like a cool cat. I'm sure he will settle in fine at his new home. Fosters are great, but like Alex, I couldn't be one. We got all our dogs from fosters, and we couldn't give them up!

  7. May 25th, 2014
    Dear Trisha,
    So adorable! And great photos too.
    Been there. Done that.
    I have also posted several times about my cats this past year and have been looking for and finding new homes for my kitties of different ages, because of my daughter's cat-fur-allergy.
    Best wishes,

  8. What a cutie! It would be hard to foster kittens- hard to let them go after being attached to them. Cheers to you for doing it!!

  9. Adorable! Lucky I'm so far away or I might have been tempted!

  10. Hi Trisha .. Batman and food - he wouldn't be able to fly if he'd been around much longer .. he's great and I sure hope he loves his new home .. cheers Hilary


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