Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Resurrection Blogfest - Mina Lobo's blogiversary celebration

Greetings everyone on U.S. Election Day (here in Aus it's the day after, but whatever)! I sit here in Australia wishing you the best of luck for an un-nauseating outcome. I'll come right out and say bring on some more Obamarama!! But anyway, moving on...!

There's this groovy chick called Mina Lobo who is sometimes naughty (at least we are warned of this when clicking through to her blog) and always nice, and today she is celebrating her first blogiversary with what she is calling the:


For this blogfest, participants must do the following:

"On November 7, 2012, your blog post should prominently feature the blogfest badge as well as something from your first year of blogging that you believe deserves some TLC, or that you're especially proud of and wish to showcase, or simply has sentimental value for you." - Mina Lobo

They must also do other things if they want to be a winner, and you can read all about those things here. For my entry I decided to just link back to my first-ever post on this blog, which I wrote mere days after finishing NaNoWriMo in 2010. I'm not going to re-post it, just link to it. But why am I choosing this post in particular? Well, no reason except that I'm doing NaNo right now, so that old post is meaningful for that reason. Also there's the mere fact that it was my first ever post, and I am coming up on my own 2-year blogiversary (I'll talk more about that in December!).

Right, then, I'm done! At least after I've said to Mina, "Congrats on your blogiversary and I'm glad to have met you!"

What was your first-ever blog post about?


  1. My first blog post was a fashion find ~

    Popped in from the Resurrection blogfest ~

  2. That was an awesome first post! I don't think NaNo is evil as long as it's not forced. Good luck!

  3. Great first post! NaNo is not evil. I wish I had the time to do it.

    Look at it this way: The crappiest novel written is still phenomenally better than every perfect novel NOT written!

  4. I do think NaNo is just for those who secretly like to be tortured. Really, it is a damn harrowing thing to put yourself through. On the other hand, I wished I had the time to try it. Great post! =)

  5. I've never done NaNo, though I admire those who can stick to that kind of schedule. I personally could never set myself up for writing a set number of words in a set amount of time. Words should flow out naturally, not be forced out.

  6. I think my first ever blog post was something like, 'Hi, I've just started a blog and I have no idea what I'm doing'. Okay, maybe not quite like that, but close! hehehe

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    1. My first ever blog post was about participating in Rachael Harrie's Writers Platform-Building Campaign. It wasn't that long ago but I do cringe when I read it because I remember how stressful it was just to hit the publish button. Actually, I still stress out when I hit that button, LOL!

  8. Hmmm, your blogging anniversary's in December, you say? Got something in the works for it, do ya, huh, huh, do ya??? ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  9. I can't remember the exact post-- I was writing a post to just fill a page I think (for NaBlo) but several posts I wrote the first few days were on politics- I started blogging the month before Obama's first victory. I am not a big fan of our Pres. but I am a huge enemy of everything Republican so I was and am willing to vote for him to keep the Mormon prince of the world wannabe from fulfilling his insane eschatological dreams. Now I'll check out the post you linked to.

  10. My very first blog was a poem, one I wrote, and promptly removed. After that I wrote about my blog talk radio shows or book reviews.

    I enjoy your first post -- NANO is threatening to real writers, awesome, they should feel threatened. Just kidding, I've read some of the same trash you have. It happens, it always will. Sometimes all it takes is a recognizable name. For a lot of publishers it's bottom line, no different than other industries.
    Even my favorite author doesn't write perfection each time either, but what really hurt is when this individual won an award for a book I couldn't finish. It made me sad.
    Most of us write because creativity is not something that you can stop regardless of where it goes.

    Good first post, and so relevant too! Congrat's on you NANO success!

  11. I love Barack Obama! I'm so happy he won. As far as your post, I agree. There's nothing wrong with NaNo. The point is to get that first draft out. Then go back and edit, edit, edit. A lot of the people who criticize NaNo have never even started writing a novel or finished writing a novel. They just like to bitch. Ignore the the haters.

    Zombie Blog Hop on December 7


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