Thursday, 30 August 2012

Travel Series: YELVERTON & surrounds

This month I've decided to take a break from my world trip rehashing and share some memories of a trip I took down south of my state with a couple of girlfriends.

You can read more about Australia's South West on this website, and more about the place we stayed here.

But now I will focus on the experiences we had on our own trip southward. Our trip consisted of the following:

Checking out the natural beauty of Australia's south-west

Across the road from Harvey Cheese.

    Garden path at Stirling House,
    outside Harvey.
    Not far from home.
    Eating food

    Decadence in a green and blue beanie.
    So good, yet soooo sickening.


    Exploring the region

    Cave walkin'
    In Augusta, the only whale
    we watched was this one.

    Margaret River in stormy weather.
    Live music in Margaret River.

    Hanging with the locals

    They came right into our chalet!

    We were tempted to let them inside,

    And hanging with each other

    Board games.
    Arriving at our eco-friendly chalet.

    There are so many more photos I could have shared, but this post has taken forever to format as it is, so I'm done. But to sum the whole trip all up in one last image...


    1. It looks like a great trip! I love the second picture of the kangaroos (or are they wallabies?) The one looking in from the side of the photo is cute!

      1. Most of them are kangaroos, but in the second picture there's also a different animal by the white chair - a Quilby or something. Not entirely sure what kind of animal that one is. ;)

    2. My goal is to visit Australia one day and look both you and Rachael Harrie up

      1. Bring it on Michael! I'd love to meet up with you whenever you do get here! :)


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    4. Wonderful photos! Love the kangaroo with his face in your camera.

    5. Awesome photos! It looks like a great time was had by all, even the 'camera shy' karagroos. ;)

    6. Looks fun and the pics were great!

    7. Ooh, Monopoly! Good game. One of my favorites.

    8. Great pictures from your trip!

      Looks like you visited some beautiful places.

    9. Great pictures. Definitely make me want to visit. I wish I could.
      I'm glad to see you're enjoying your glob trotting. :)

    10. Looks like you had a blast! Great pics :)

    11. Fab photos. Looks like you've been having a ball! Great to document it so well.

    12. Thanks for the comments everyone :) It was a great trip indeed, and though we've had other fun times since, nothing has compared to the magic of this one. :) But we are plotting another trip (slightly cheaper. ha) for later this year.


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